Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hey everyone!
So basically there is so much to write with only 25ish minutes to say it in. I'll do my best to tell you how everything is going.
I arrived safely to the SL airport and drove to the MTC safely also. But walking into the MTC was the greatest feeling in the world! I walked through the doors and I could just feel this welcoming feeling in my heart and I knew it was the Spirit whispering to me: "Welcome". It was so strong and it felt soo great. Since I arrived 2 hours early, they had me wait in a room watching The District for a little bit and we talked about where we are from and where we are going. Then they had us go to the cafeteria and we had lunch before orientation. Orientation took a while, but it was so worth it when they gave me my name tag that read "Magda Elder: Az Utolso Napok Szentjeinek Jezus Kristuz Egyhaza". Apparently, Hungarians read names backwards and Idosseb is a direct translation for "old person". So we use elder instead. My companion is actually Brother Burrell's great nephew! His name is Elder Beaucannon. He is quite the interesting character. He is definitely a funny guy and we are progressively becoming friends. It is definitely tough, I will say, being stuck next to someone 24/7. You can't walk away from your companion unless he is within "sight and sound" or you are on exchanges and usually that will only happen when you go to choir or something. Which, by the way, I will be starting next Sunday. I couldn't do it this Sunday since they were performing that day for the Easter Meeting that we had for the morning. I was a little homesick for the first two days, but I'm over it and feeling good. :) The food is good and the orange juice isn't as bad as people say it is.
The language is so hard! Not only is it difficult, but they had us give our first lesson on the 3 day AND have us speak Hungarian to him with out notes! So we had to memorize everything. It was definitely overwhelming. But so far we have had 4 lessons with the investigator (Josef) and all of them have been good. Especially the last two, we could really feel the Spirit as we were talking to him. Even though it was hard for us to say what we wanted to say in Hungarian, we could translate mostly what he was saying and we weren't nervous at all. I definitely knew that it was the Spirit.
Easter Sunday was really kewl, because we had President Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the 12 speak to us! It was great because he spoke of the atonement and how everything is connected to it. And I got to prepare the sacrament for 2000 people!! It was so awesome!! I could feel the Spirit from sitting in a room filled with elders and sisters and all the leaders and President Packer. If only you were here to feel it. It is such a wonderful feeling.
So I have 6 minutes to finish up. What to say....Oh, there are 4 of us in one residence (that means dorm here). The other two elders are going to Jacksonville, Florida. They are only here for 3 weeks while Beaucannon Elder and myself are here till June 18 (blech!). But it's kewl, the MTC is great and I can't think of being stuck in a better place for 12 weeks besides Hungary and home. :)
I got all of your letters and your package. Thank you sooo much for the Easter candies and card and pants! IT was so kewl to get a care package from home and the Dear Elder letters. I am so glad that system was invented. I'm about to go to the temple soon and do endowments! So exciting!!!
Wednesdays are my P-Days, so I will write to you next week Wednesday.
I love you guys so much! And take care of Jordan for me :)
Szeretlek (I think that's I love you),
Elder Magda

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