Wednesday, April 18, 2012

From your Elder going to Hungary

April 18, 2012
Dear Family and Friends,

Holy cow, it's already been 2 weeks since I have left home! It's weird because on one hand it sort of feels like the days are going by slowly, but on the other hand it feels like the weeks are going by really quickly. Still, I'm here for another 10 weeks and still have a waaays to go. The two elders that are in my room that are going to Jacksonville, Florida leave next Thursday. My companion and I are curious to know if while we are here we are going to get four 3 weekers while we are in our residence. I am learning a lot here at the MTC, both with the language and with missionary teaching skills. I thought I knew a lot going in, but looking back at my education before I came, I definitely could have acquired more before I came.

Some stuff that has happened here… I had some prayers answered while I've been here. Some of them were personal and others were humorous yet testimony building at the same time. One was while I was preparing to go to sleep. Actually two were in the same night. I was having a rough day and I prayed to find a scripture that would cheer me up or would help me in any way.  After I had finished my prayer I was searching through the scriptures and I felt as though I was supposed to go to the book of Joshua in the first chapter. We had recently read about that specific chapter and I felt this prompting that this scripture would cheer me up. It was verses 6-9, saying "Be strong and of good courage. For I the Lord am with thee." I could not believe it. I knew that Heavenly Father heard my prayer and replied with that scripture. I was meant for me. A little while after, right before I was going to bed I was saying my nightly prayer. While I was praying, my companion and residence-mates were chatting about stuff and I was distracted and couldn't think straight with what I wanted to say. So I included in my prayer to make them feel sleepy or quiet them in some way. I waited a little bit and nothing happened. So I decided just to continue with my prayer and finish what I had to say. Right after I finished, Elder Thomas said "You know, we should probably go to bed." My eyes were wide and my jaw dropped. Not a word came out of their mouths after he said that. I couldn't believe it. Even though he said that after my prayer was finished, it still was an answer to my prayer.

To answer some of your questions: 1. Ask Matthew if he could bring a song that would be church appropriate that he could play on the piano and I could sing for here at the MTC. It would be awesome if we could do a musical number together before he leaves.  2. I want to thank you for the goodies you sent me. I'm already enjoying them. :) I hate asking for things, but I actually may need 1-2 regular t-shirts from my stash of t-shirts I left at home. I run out almost every time since I have gym quite often here and my shirts get stinky and re-using them is always nasty. :P And, if at all possible, some soday for my residence would be really kewl! (Notice I did not say "caffeine-free" soda. ;)) Ha ha, and munchies are always welcome. :) 3. For the David Archuleta question, I have run into him on several occasions. Mostly I saw him in the cafeteria. One time I ran into him at gym and greeted him in Hungarian "Szervusz!" and he just stared. I was like "ok then." He also opened the door for my companion and I once. It was kewl, but I really wanted him to feel normal here so I just treated him like he was any ordinary missionary. He just left for Chile this past Monday and before he left he sang at our fireside (which, in fact, had M. Russell Ballard as our speaker!!!). He sang a version of the Spirit of God. It was pretty awesome. M. Russell Ballard spoke right after him and said "I don't know how I can compete with that." Quite funny I must say.

My testimony is so strong, stronger than it ever was before. Prayer is so important in our lives and by living our lives righteously; Heavenly Father will answer our prayers and send His Spirit to our aid.  I love this gospel so much and am proud to be a missionary for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Magda Elder

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