Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Week in the MTC

Csaladom es Baratom,

Elder Matthew Hodgson has left the MTC. It´s so awesome to know that he is going to Washington D.C and getting ready to preach the gospel and at the same time it´s a bummer because I really want to be in his shoes right now. It´s been 7 weeks since I've been here and I have less then 4 weeks till I get to be on the plane for 22 hours (give or take a few hours). We are all really excited for that day to come and nervous as well because the language keeps getting more and more difficult. It's as though when we learn something and finally think we get the hang of it, some other new principle is taught and it's like we are kicked back to square one. It's quite the process. The last time I saw Matthew before he left was on Sunday on my temple walk. I only talked to him briefly because I thought I would see him at least one more time before Wednesday. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. I know he is doing well though and will be a wonderful missionary. We auditioned last Thursday and it was such an awesome experience. All I wanted was to audition with my best friend. I didn't care if we got the part or not, I just wanted to put our talents together and represent California brotherhood. The woman who critiqued us was awesome! She said that Matthew "was a wonderful pianist" and that I "had a beautiful voice." The reason we were unlikely to be chosen was because we had to work on a couple of spots and the song was too long (It had to be under 4 minutes I think). Plus, Matthew was leaving the next week and she said that we wouldn't be able to do it together. But she wants me to try again with another song because she believes that I would probably get the spot. I don't think I will though because this language is really difficult and I don't have very much time to spare. It's kind of a bummer, but I need to focus on my priorities. But I loved "Be Still" and I want to sing it while I'm in Hungary. Please tell Jeanne that I will not let her down and I will sing that song again for her. Also, tell Matt Tidwell that I really looked up to him when he sang the song for Jeanne's program. I actually saw Adam today on my way to get mail. I asked him if he had gotten his Visa yet and replied with "No, but hopefully I get it tomorrow." He said that even if he gets his visa, he has to wait another week here before he can leave. I hope he gets it tomorrow.

That is so awesome that Ryan is back home!! He was such an example for me and I looked up to him a lot. There is actually an elder that I made friends with here that left for Samoa this morning. He said he is really excited and is ready for the real world. Hopefully he's been notified or warned about what the people are like, because I didn't read your email till after he left. Hungarians, my teachers have told me, are not like that. They grasp to the gospel very quickly and what usually convinces them to listen to us is because we are learning their language. They are absolutely impressed by the fact that we are learning their language and sacrificing two years of our lives for this work. It interests them and it's our gateway to preaching the Lord's work to them and bringing them back to the fold. One of my favorite scriptures is in Mosiah 28:3, after the Sons of Mosiah were converted towards the gospel. I feel so similar to their feelings defined in this scripture: "for they could not bear that any human should perish; yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble." I already love the people of Hungary and I know that love will grow 10 times greater, or even more, when I get there. I am so excited to continue the work in Hungary, the land of my fathers. I can't wait to say in Hungarian "Jövök Magyarorszagot!!!" ( Here I come Hungary!!!) That day is soon at hand and I am working hard to prepare myself.

This is His work that I am laboring. This is His work that I am sacrificing 2 years of my life and my desire is to be like Christ and to do "the will of the Father." Stand as a witness at all times and in all places. Do not stop being good examples to the people of California. They need it just as much as everyone else in the world. Till next week on..........Getting Hungary with Magda Elder!

-Magda Elder

P.S. For Ryan Blaser: I expect a letter or Dear Elder from you soon. :P Ha ha!

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