Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Five more weeks until I go to Hungary!

Draga Csodalatom es baratom

Unfortunately this letter may be the shortest out of all the ones I have sent so far. So I ask for forgiveness in advance.

So Matthew and I are auditioning this Thursday for a spot at the musical number on Sunday during the Fireside. He is going to be playing the piano (of course) and I am going to be singing. The song that we are doing is "Be Still" from the list of songs Sister Coen gave me before I left. After hearing Matt Tidwell sing it at her program, I really wanted to sing it also if I could on my mission. So, I saw this as a chance and I asked Matthew if he would be up to doing it and he said yes. Yesterday, he and I rehearsed and got the basics of the song down with the amount of time we had free. And tomorrow around 11:30 we will be auditioning for the spot to perform for 2000 missionaries (at least, that's how many missionaries I think there are here at the MTC. I'm not sure, it fluctuates with departings missionaries and incoming missionaries). Hopefully, we will be able to do it, but if there is a better singer or group that would best fit the position, we can at least say that we tried. I can't believe it's already been two weeks and that Matthew is leaving the MTC to D.C this Monday or Tuesday. I didn't ask him, or can't remember, what day he's departing, but I know that it's next week. Adam said that he has to wait for his VISA and even when he gets it he has to wait for another week till he can leave. Hopefully he gets it soon.

Our new Hungarian group just came in today. We met a couple of them as they came through the door and we are so excited to introduce them to the MTC "Hungarian style".  Plus, this is another sign that we will be leaving soon and will be hitting the field. 5 more weeks and I will be in Hungary. :) I don't think my companion and I will be getting any new residence mates. We didn't get any today, so we are assuming that we are just in our residence alone.....for another 5 weeks......But we don't mind, it's kind of kewl to have the room by ourselves. I am actually getting along better with Beaucannon Elder. We've started to bond more this past week and it has been really awesome! I just hope that it will continue like it is now. For us Magda's, apparently the name "Magda" is like the name "Smith" here. There is a sister from Hungary and an Elder from Hungary who are serving in Finland and D.C North (respectively) and they were like "Oh, are you Hungarian?" and I was like "No, but my Grandfather is. He was born in Bocsa." They replied with "Oh that's great. You're name is very common there." I just thought, well that's awesome. Hopefully I'll find a Magda that's related to me.

Thank you so much for the flag and other little goodies!! Beaucannon Elder and I put it up on our wall for all to see when they walk-in. Showing our Hungarian pride. I am having such a good time here! Things have been picking up and I am just so excited to learn new things everyday. And it makes it even more awesome when you have awesome teachers. And thank you Sister Hilton for your care package. It was such a surprise to receive that and the letter from you. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. Thank you :) And for a language update, I am definitely doing much better than I was last week. I wish I could just send you a video of a lesson with me and my companion teaching in Hungarian. It's so awesome how well we are doing. And the language is so fun to speak! Even though it's really hard, I'm having a lot of fun with it.

As I end this letter, here is my testimony in Hungarian:
Tudom, hogy az evangélium igaz és Thomas S. Monson profétai igaz, és tudom azt kaphatunk kinyilatkosztatas a Szentlélek által. és tudom a Mormon könyve igaz.

I love all of you and pray that the Lord watches over you every night.
Magda Elder

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