Monday, July 30, 2012

Lightning, Haircuts, and Playing the Bongos

July 30, 2012

Funny thing you should ask about thunder and lightning storms, because yesterday, according to Elder Abram, we had the biggest storm in Hungary! Lately we have been getting a lot of thunder storms with some awesome lightning, but yesterday was the coolest one yet! The day started out with us waking up to some thunder. One of the strikes was so close that it sounded like cannon had gone off right by our apartment. Elder Abram said he had never heard one so close his entire time in Hungary. But that wasn't the storm though. Later, during church, the clouds passed away and it was blazing hot, especially with our suit coats on (We are required to wear our suits on Sundays to church). After church we went down south to Kispest to meet with Elder Abrams older brother’s adopted "Hungarian mom". Long story short, Elder Abrams older brother served in Hungary in 1994 on his mission and the lady we met was his "Hungarian mother". Church ended at 12, we arrived in Kispest at 1, went to her place, ate, looked at pictures of Elder Abrams brother and came back home around 5pm. I was so pooped and immediately took a nap for an hour. When I fell asleep it was still super-hot outside, but when I woke up around 6pm it was super dark and cloudy and there was some thunder crackin' away. I thought nothing of it because it happens quite a bit in the summer here. Little under 10 minutes later, the wind picks up and it's pouring rain outside, basically dumping buckets of water a second. To make it even better, thunder was going off every few seconds and the sky was lit up. It was like the 4th of July we never had! Ha ha, it was absolutely amazing! We even recorded it on our cameras for a few minutes. We didn't want to turn down this opportunity to experience an amazing storm and to not catch it. 

So today was the last day of my first transfer! Can you believe it?! Already 6 weeks have come and gone. It's hard to believe sometimes in my opinion. We have been super excited for transfers this week because we knew something was going to happen to Elder Abram and me. It's interesting, because usually trainers are with their greenies for 2 transfers (most of the time), but my MTC group and I are only getting our trainers for 1 because of how big the next batch of elders are coming and going. We are losing 13 and gaining 13, and because there are only 80 or so missionaries here, it's quite a big thing, especially for our new mission president who had to deal with this big group on his first transfer day. Yikes! I'm glad I'm just the missionary when I think of that. This morning at 7 in the morning (11 pm your time), we got a call from our mission president and Elder Abram is moving to Miskolc and is going to be a Zone Leader there and I am staying and getting Elder Headrick (I hope I spelled it right) from Szombathely. Ahh!! It's like opening up your mission call again! Wednesday is when all of us make the switch, so we still have a couple days left together and we are going to definitely make the best out of them. It's kind of a sad moment to have Elder Abram leave because I've had such a fine time serving with him as his greenie, but I'm definitely excited for this next companionship. It's going to be way fun!

You sent in your last letter a bunch of comic strips that you gathered together. One of them was a Zits comic strip and was about him having a canker sore. Interestingly enough, the next day after I read that I got a canker sore. Funny how things work right? It's been a week since I've had it and I thought today would be the day that it would start to go away. Exactly the opposite happened, I woke up and another one popped up right next to the existing one. Ahh!! It's so annoying! There both on my bottom lip on the left side and I can barely talk to anyone because it hurts. Another funny thing that happened this week was I cut my own hair. Yup, you read right, I cut my own hair. We are on our last week and we don't have very much money left and I didn't want to spend the last bit on a haircut, so I used my companion’s hair trimmers that he has instead. He did it a few days before and I was like "You know, if he can do it, so can I, right?" Definitely wrong.....actually it wasn't too bad. My hair was pretty long but I just wanted to trim it. But, I realized soon enough that I'm no hair stylist and a few minutes in I just decided to cut it short. It's actually not that bad, except a ward member came up to me and said that I looked like I had a military haircut. Military haircuts aren't bad, but that's just a sign that I definitely cut it way short. Ha ha, it was definitely a funny experience. 

Another thing that happened this week was that I sang in a concert that Sister McKay and Sister Szkiba put together this weekend. I've been meaning to tell you this, but I have forgotten every time I email. But at least I'm not completely forgetting to tell you. The sisters have been planning it for the past month. They had 9 numbers put together and I got to be in two of them. One of them was 6 elders and sisters singing "I Need Thee Every Hour" in Hungarian. The other song was a duet with Sister Suranyi and we sang "Be Still My Soul" in Hungarian. Cool thing about that one was we got to be the last number of the nights (the concert was on Friday and Saturday)! The whole night was beautiful and several of our investigators showed up also. Do you remember the last email I sent you about my relationship with "Be Still My Soul"? Well I definitely had the same feeling when I sang it here, even if it was in Hungarian. All of my memories flooded back with my injury and the feelings I had when I thought of this song and the promise Heavenly Father made with me that whenever I was down or afraid that I can think of this song and I would feel the Spirit. All of these things rushed back and I when I sang, I wasn't just singing with my talent alone, but I was singing with the power of the Holy Ghost. It was such a wonderful feeling! And I could also feel it from Sister Suranyi. She has a beautiful voice and I am so grateful that I was able to sing with her. She definitely completed the piece and had the Holy Ghost with her also. This is my first transfer area and I already have been sharing my love of singing. I can't wait for more opportunities! I definitely hope there are more. Oh! We also sang and played the guitar with a bongo drum that we had in our apartment (Me, Elder Abram and the Pest sisters) down by the Duna for an hour. We set up some Book of Mormons and a sign that said "Free Books" while we played to see if anyone would be interested, but we only gave out one book. It was so fun though! We just had a blast singing songs and playing with the bongo and guitars. Ha ha, another opportunity to share my musical talents, right? 

Unfortunately we haven’t been doing much this week. Elder Abram was sick for most of the week and we've just stayed back and studied and only went to appointments that we had made for the week because we didn't want him to get any sicker. He only had a cold but while you’re on your mission any sickness can hold you back. Wednesday was the longest day for us. We had one program in the morning and another in the afternoon but the afternoon program canceled so we had to stay inside ALL DAY until we had a rehearsal for the concert at 5 in the evening. The seconds felt like minutes, sometimes hours, going by. We were going crazy. Our minds were about to explode because of how much studying we were doing and we finally just decided "Alright let’s just go out and street for an hour or something. Being inside all day is destroying us." So we did, but no one was on the streets!! So basically we just walked around for an hour to get a good exercise. Woo hoo! When we came to rehearsal, we felt so out of it that we were laughing at the smallest things that people would say. We have no idea why besides that we were just in a state of craziness. We came back to the apartment laughing about who knows what and got ready for bed and basically just conked out. It was so funny; I just had to share that with you guys. 

Why does everyone decide to get married, or engaged, when I'm on my mission?? Can't they wait for another 1 ½ years till I come home so that I can be there?! Everyone just has perfect timing, don't they?  Ha ha! Suti is just a kind of dessert or pastry here. There are so many different kinds, I don't even know if I can explain them all. We'll just say that they are mostly always good, so we didn't want the lady who was about to burn her suti in the oven to lose such a precious dessert. Dad went to the fair?!?! Whaaaaat?? That's crazy!! What made him decide to go?? And that is so cool that he helped out with Pioneer Day. That ride thingy sounded way awesome the way you described it. I remember going last year and helping with the ticket stand, but that's all I can remember. Oh, and I remember the missionaries having their own area too. That was cool. We remembered Pioneer Day while we were walking. Elder Abram just looked at me and said "Hey, it’s Pioneer Day today." I replied, “Cool Elder" and we continued our day. Sam's farewell was this week?!? I remember when I was home and he told me "I have to wait 5 months?!?! This is crazy!!" 5 months have flown by. Tell him that I wish I could have been there but that I will definitely be there for his homecoming wearing his tie.

With tabling we are just going to go to another city or area to table in. It's too much of a hassle to deal with permits so we are just going to find another place to do it in. With the flash drive thing, 8 GB would be perfect. I'll see if I can send you the flash drive with pictures on it. I'm doing terribly with the whole "taking pictures" thing. I always forget to bring it with me and when I do remember I forget that I have it and that I should use it. Ha ha, but I'll definitely make it one of my goals for the next transfer to take pictures every week. I promise! They do have peanut butter here, but it is nasty! Not even close to the peanut butter back at home. They have Skippy at the American store here but it is way expensive. Peanut Butter would be an awesome treat! I don't know of any other foods that they don't have here, but peanut butter would definitely be an awesome gift.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support! I absolutely love it here and I will continue to wave the Banner of Liberty here in Hungary. D&C 98:8

-Magda Elder

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