Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Highlights of the Week

September 3, 2012
Dear Family and Friends,

So unfortunately this one will probably be short because I have a bunch of stuff to do on the computer, I'll explain why. So we have been told, by our new mission president that we shouldn't have iPods on us because of certain reasons. It really got me bummed because I wanted to get one and I have you sending a flash drive with music on it. But, I found a way that I can listen to music without even having an MP3 player AND store all my pictures without having to buy separate memory cards for my camera. It's called using a portable hard drive. Dad will probably understand this, but I will try to explain it as simply as I can with how it works and why it is so amazing while here on a mission. So, missionaries have been telling me that buying a portable hardrive while you are here is probably the smartest things, because you can store all of your pictures that you have taken on your camera on it and basically start fresh with the existing memory card that you have for your camera. And, even better, you can put your music on it and hook it up to the portable DVD players that we have here with a USB and listen to music that you put on the hardrive through the DVD player! It's ingenious!!! So, with the money I pulled out, I actually bought a portable hardrive and it can hold 500 GB of memory. If it's hard to understand my excitement you can ask dad, because he will probably explain to you the fullness of my happiness. So that's why this letter won't be as long as the other weeks. I will possibly be able to send some pictures though! But I'm sorry! I promise next week will be much longer. :)

But for some updates so that you all aren't bummed out. We have a new investigator that we found on the streets this past week. We actually found her by streeting into somebody else. While we were talking to one person, she came up and asked us if we can teach her about our church and what we believe in. We were super stunned! We scheduled an appointment with her for this week and then she left with a smile on her face. Elder Headrick and I both looked at each other and we both knew that this wasn't just some ordinary person. This woman was prepared to meet us and we happened to street the right person at the right time for her to see us. We told each other "If she takes the first lesson really well, then this person is even more prepared than we thought." What happened, she took it better than we expected. She had a few questions but she said is willing to pray and read from the Book of Mormon. After the program, we looked at each other and smiled and both admitted that the Spirit was in that program and we could both feel it. We are so excited for her and we are looking forward to our next program with her about the Plan of Salvation. How amazing is that?!?! This is our first new investigator that we believe will go really far.

Our investigator from China is progressing still and he said that he is finding his willingness to keep the Word of Wisdom. We gave him an entire program of all the commandments because he asked to know all of them. After we told them all, he said that he wants to keep all of them and he wants his faith to be strengthened. We had to move his baptismal date to October 13, but we know that it's for the best. We have been praying and fasting for him and all of our investigators and we know that they are all being answered. I've been beginning to understand almost everything that someone says to me in Hungarian! It's starting to come!! It's so awesome!! This language is so amazing and I love speaking it. This week has been a very uplifting week and I can definitely see the fruits from our labors.

These are really the highlights of the week. Thank you for forwarding grandma's email. That is so awesome that she got autographed stuff! I know that I am still a Jim Gaffigan fan and love his bowling jokes, but it's cool to see that my grandma is rubbing elbows with professional bowlers. You’re now friends with Skiba?!?! What?!?! That's crazy cool!! Tell her that I said hi and that she shouldn't share too many "Magda Elder" stories, ha ha.  Hiro got a Halloween shirt?!?! Wow, ha ha, I started busting up when I saw that. He looks mad in one of the pictures. Tell him that I say it looks good on him. 

I'm sorry this is short, but like I said before, I will email more next week.

I love you all and let the Holy Spirit guide!


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