Monday, October 8, 2012

Conference and Caving

October 8, 2012
Dear Family and friends,
This week has definitely been super awesome!! General Conference, our first Family Home Evening—that  we held at our investigators house, caving, along with tracting and teaching lessons. Pheeeww! Just so much!

Let's start with what I just finished doing a few hours ago: caving. For our P-Day today, we planned to go with another companionship of Elders and Sisters. We heard from a previous group of missionaries, including Elder Abram, who had done this that going caving was super awesome and that you are literally under the city of Budapest when you do it. They also said that it would be a little hard, but being as daring as we are, we didn't want to turn down this wonderful opportunity of adventure. So we went to the place after our shopping for the week and the tour guide got us our caving suits and helmets. He then took us to the place where we would enter and all it was was this metal door in the side of a mountain. He smiled and asked as, 'Are you all ready for this?' We all smiled back and replied, 'Well that's why we came here, right?' So we went throughout this cave, going through cracks, tunnels, under really small openings and climbing up narrow passage ways. The tour guide told us that it gets really cold down in the cave, but none of us felt it because of how much moving we had to do. We could see our breath in the air, but we definitely didn't feel the cold. It got really hard at points, but all of us made it out and were exhausted by the end, but were totally glad that we did it.
Our "Ninja Caving" Tour Guide
  Before I end the caving adventure I had, I got to let you know how awesome our tour guide was. He spoke perfect English and was super funny! He was kind of tall and thin (I'll try to attach a picture of what he looks like) and he made the entire trip fun. But what was so impressive was that he would give us a little history of the tunnel and then he would tell us that we have to go up this ridge or down this hole and after he told us, we would see him climb up the ridge in, no joke, a second or less! And there would be a point where he'd say we have to go down this hole, and the next thing we know, he's already on the other side. The man was like a ninja caver! He was way cool!

So, you asked about the woman that we met with that asked how we could help her with her family. Well, we actually were able to hold a Family Home Evening at her house this past Friday!! Last week we were supposed to hold it, but her husband wouldn't have been able to make it if he had it that day, which was actually good for us because we wouldn't have been able to make brownies! Yup, we made brownies, and they turned out really well. We also prepared a really awesome game for their two kids that they have, one of the boys is 3, his name is Benji, and the other is 7, Máté. The game was set up with 18 cards set down on the floor with one card of 1, then 1 row of 2, then 3 rows of 4, then another row of 2 and another with 1. The purpose of the game was to get from one side to the other. But, here's the catch. There is a certain pattern that you have to take in order to get from the beginning to the end and there was only one person that knew the So the kid would have to take a step, thinking carefully before he chose—then make the decision. If he chose wisely, then he could move on to the next possible direction he could go. If he chose unwisely, he had to start back from square one and try again. But the was one person that could help him, or actually two in this case, and that was the boys’ parents. Elder Headrick would tell the parents from time to time what the next move would be and the parents would tell their son the way. After the game was done, we compared this to how parents are so important to us in our lives because they help guide us through our life problems, telling us the correct paths to take. We then gave them 'a Család' or 'The Family Proclomation' and read the section with them about the roles of the parents and the children and how crucial they are. We also told them that family prayer is wonderful ways of uniting a family and shared the scripture from 3 Nephi 18 where he addresses the Nephites and Lamanites about family prayers. The mom asked us if this really works and Elder Headrick and I testified to her and her husband that has certainly unified our families and that our Heavenly Father answers the prayers of a prayerful family. After the activity and lesson we sang 'Families Can Be Together Forever'. We then ate the brownies and talked for a little bit.
The dad showed us his super awesome sound system that he has. He also had a record player and a huge collection of records and showed us how it worked by playing a Journey record on it. It was so awesome! I thought of dad a little bit when the father of the family was explaining his love for music I just thought of dad and how he loves all different kinds of music. He introduced us to a Hungarian folk band that we liked called Ghymes. I think dad would like it. Check it out! Also, when we first got to the home, the mom had us sit down in their lounge (which, by the way, they have an AMAZING house) and she asked us if we would like tea and we said we didn't drink tea. She asked if herbal tea was ok and the first tea she suggested was, can you guess?.........Rooibos!!!! My eyes got GINORMOUS and I said 'You have Rooibos?!?!' 'Of course, it's one of our favorites.' She told me that you can get it any of the main stores here. So today, I found the same brand of Rooibos that we have back at home, vanilla flavored, for 2.00 dollars for a bag of 20. I don't know how much it is back home, but to me this was a DEAL! I can't tell you how excited I was when I heard they had it here. I thought I was going two years without it! A little miracle in my eyes. :) By the way, for Christmas I want to send back some little goodies. I know dad and all of you would like that. I actually bought a bag of Smarties today and I thought of dad and how he likes them. So tell me what you would like and I'll try to keep the list till Christmas. Don't be shy!
Tabling with Headrick Elder and the Pest Sisters

Our next transfer is October 24th, which is in 2 weeks (whhhhaaaaaatttttt?!?!) and I am really sure that I will probably be transfered out of the Budapest because I've been here for 3 transfers and to another one quite far out. The next one after that is December 4th (I believe). So whatever city I go to after December 4th I will be there for Christmas and New Year’s. That reminds me, for Christmas and calling back home, I can Skype you. So, get a computer camera so that I can see you all! I can use my Skype account from home, which I still remember the username and password for.

Now for the next order of business—General Conference. We were able to watch it here in Pest AND in English. It was so awesome! Especially when we heard that the age limit was brought down for Elders and Sisters. How amazingly awesome is that!?!?! A lot of the sisters around us were super excited to hear that girls can serve sooner. And there was one guy who is 17 and finishing his senior year (he's from America by the way) who we saw his face just stunned and his family looked at him and we told us that he will be weighing his decisions more now. Pretty big thing. We all loved Elder Nelsons talk about us saying 'Ask the missionaries! They can help you!' All of the missionaries were laughing when we heard that.

Well, the time has come to finish this email, unfortunately. But, the work still needs to be done. Conference has really refreshed us with what we need to do and has given us a lot of encouragement.

Thank you for everything and see you next week!

Magda Elder

P.S. 49ers all the way! Send me a picture of the dotted wall! Tell the girls that they can email me too if they would like and I will send them a letter soon to them.

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