Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Getting Transferred to...

October 22, 2012
Dear Family and Friends,

They've come! Transfer calls have been received and our new assignments have been established! It's time to move into our next transfer; everyone is now a transfer older in the mission. I'm no longer 3 transfers old, but 4! Movin' up the ladder!

Here is the news of what is happening to me and Elder Headrick. Before I tell you what the news is, I'm going to let you in on what we thought would happen. For a while we were sure that I would be getting out of Pest because I've been here for some time. But recently, we have had a hunch that I could be staying here for a forth. We were looking at the missionaries in the mission and thought that things would just stay the same where we are. We have gotten a lot of new investigators and President has really seen Pest grow since we've been together, Elder Headrick and I. Elder Headrick and I thought it would be awesome if we stayed together for another transfer. We love serving together and I have really felt that he and I have really come to love Elder Headrick as if he were my brother. We've worked hard, are battle worn and have seen miracles while serving here in Pest.

Unfortunately our companionship is coming to end. But! He and I are now becoming parents!!! Let me explain myself before you think 'How does THAT work?!?!' So Elder Headrick has been called to be a trainer and is getting a greenie!! In the mission, when an Elder becomes a trainer, the greenie he gets is recognized, or deemed, 'son', and the trainer is recognized as his 'father' in the mission field. And Because Elder Headrick is the father of the greenie he will be getting, that means that I am the 'mom'!!! Here is an example, Elder Abram was my trainer, meaning that he is my father, and the elder he was with before me was Elder Cox, who is my mom, and I am their son. Isn't that just so cool?!?! Ha ha, I wouldn't blame any of you if you did a face palm right now, but in the mission, it's kind of a big deal.
Margit Sziget (an island in the middle of the Duna River) with Headrick Elder

Now the question is, where am I going? I am going tooooooooo....Pécs! And I am going to be serving with Elder Christiansen, who is actually in the group right below Elder Headrick's. Pécs is probably the most southern city in Hungary next to Szeged and I have heard that it is SUPER pretty city, Elder Christiansen is an awesome missionary and the work is going really well. So I am super excited to go there. Plus, my 'mom', Elder Cox, who has been in Buda since I have been in Pest is going to Pécs in the other companionship also! I love that Elder! Already I'm just getting super excited to get there. Tomorrow will be my last day in Pest and on Wednesday I will be getting on a 3-4 hour train ride to Pécs. Funny thing, I'm going to another 4 letter city that starts with the letter 'P' and sounds almost exactly like Pest. I think the one thing I am not going to

I am definitely going to miss this city though. Here are some reasons why. 1. Pest. This is my first area, or 'greenie' area, and it is SUCH an awesome city. I have loved streeting, tracting and all of the adventures I have had here with my companions and all of the other missionaries here in Budapest. I got to be in the capital my first area! How awesome is that?!?!. 2. The Ward. I am really going to miss the ward. I love ALL of the members here. I have really grown a connection with them, and I'm pretty sure it's linked to it being my greenie area and the members have helped me with the language a lot. 3. The Investigators. All the way from the beginning, starting with the first person I met to the last investigator, I love them all. This will also be the place where I had my first two baptisms, one of them with me as the person baptizing. I will never ever forget that day and the Spirit that was there. Anikó is such an awesome member and she is already being a missionary here in Pest. Fortunately tomorrow we have a program with her and I will be able to say one last good bye to her before I leave. I'll probably still have an opportunity to see her if I came back to the city, but who knows. And 4.  My Companions.  I think this is proobably the thing I am going to miss the most. I loved serving with Elder Abram for my first and it was sad to see him go. The same for Elder Headrick; I got to serve with him for 2 transfers and he has really been such a great companion, I don't even know how I can describe it. Both Elder Abram and Headrick have been like brothers to me.
Margit Sziget

In the dedicatory prayer for Hungary that was given by Russell M. Nelson back in 1987 (I think), he said something along the lines of preparing the land of Hungary to receive those missionaries who have been foreordained to serve in this country. And along with that, Elder Christoferson when he was here this past April said something along the lines of 'I don't know what you Elders and Sisters must have done in the Preexistence to be called to serve here, but you must have been true followers of Christ before this life.' I mention this because I really feel like the friendships that I have with all of the missionaries here have been longer than the time that I have known them here in the mission. I feel as though we have known each other for a long time and we just haven’t known it. We all knew that we were coming to this mission before the world was and we all trained one another, prepared one another, in preparation for this calling that we would have when we reached mortality. I knew these men and women, and I am so glad to finally be reunited with them once again and to be in the service that we looked forward to for so long. I don't know if any of them see it this way, but I know that I do and I know that I love each and every one of these missionaries.

Before I finish, some answers to some questions. Yes, I did get the package from mom. Thank you SOO much for it! I loved it so much! Ha ha, I got super excited when I saw the Taco Bell packets. Not to say that I didn't like everything else in the package, but that was a really big surprise for me. Taco Bell is probably the only fast food restaurant that they don't have here, so that packets were quite a big thing. I don't know how to change the keyboard to Hungarian style, unfortunately. I know in the MTC there was a program that they had that you could change it to any language keyboard style that fitted your language, but I don't know if that comes with the computer or if it's a separate program. Oh, and if you want to mail me something it has to go to the Mission Home address, which is the same one you have been sending them to already. I asked the office elders if we could get stuff sent to our apartments instead and they said no. Elder Payne is going to love it in Lincoln! I love that city and the people! Funny thing, there is actually an Elder Payne in Hungary and he is in his last transfer as if this transfer. I found out that South African pancakes are actually called palacsinta's here (paul-a-cheen-tuh). I hope he enjoys them! I have talked to Elder Beaucannon from time to time. He has been in Kaposvár since I've been in Pest and now he is going to Nyiregyháza. I'm excited for him.

I feel like a terrible son!!! I didn't wish you a happy birthday mom!!! I have been meaning to for WEEKS but every time I run out of time and my brain panics in cramming in everything and I forget to wish you one. So mom, BOLDOG SZÜLINAPOT!!!! I hope that your birthday was filled with blessings and was fun. :D And of course I remember The Trolls! How could I forget?! Ha ha!

Tell everyone back at home that I love them and miss them, especially those at Valley Choral. :)

Have a good week everybody, and the next time I write you I will be in Pécs!

Magda Elder

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