Monday, November 12, 2012

Well Hello All You Schnazzy People Out There,

November 12, 2012
Well Hello All You Schnazzy People Out There,

So, unfortunately this week's letter will be a little short because I don't have too much time to write, but at the same time there wasn't that much that all happened this week. But, to let you know what we are all, by saying all I mean the missionaries, looking forward to is having a member of the 70 visit us this week Wednesday!! We are all super excited to hear from him. Unfortunately I am really lame and I can't even remember his name, but I know that he is from the Quorum of the 70. So we get to go up to Budapest (long time no see for me) and have a Zone Conference with him leading the Conference. It's going to be a way awesome conference!

Another thing for someone's special day out there..........HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEIGH!!! You're now 19!! One more year and you are in the 20's!! Weird, isn't it?? I remember when I was 19, it was quite some time ago when I was that age :P Ha ha, I'm just messing with ya. What did you do for your birthday?! I know it was on a Sunday, but are you planning anything special to do?? Let your elder brother (get it? Your ''brother'' who is serving as an ''elder''??? Well, at least I tried to crack a funny) know the scoop on your birthday!! Is there something in particular that you would like for me to get here? I have unfortunately had limited time to shop freely to find something for you, so if you have a specific thing you would like I will try and get it for you. :)

So I heard that Obama won the elections. I know for us who were supporting Romney that this is kind of a disappointing thing and more disappointing for other reasons as well. But, I have been studying the topic of Hope this week and I have really felt that this Christ like attribute is going to be much needed for the next upcoming years. There will be times that where life will be hard, but we cannot lose our 'hope of a better world' as stated in Ether. It is through our hope, that consistent optimism and positivity, that we will see greater things happen to us and see those blessings that we sometimes can't see. I also found that the scriptures have said that we should pray for all of our leaders to receive inspiration for the betterment of its people that includes leaders that we may not even agree with entirely. But, the Lord has said that even if our ideologies may be different that we should continue to pray for them so that that leader may become blessed in helping us as our leader. I hope that all of the Latter-Day Saints continue to do this and pray and hope for a better world.

Unfortunately, as I have stated before, this letter will be a little shorter than others. But just know that things are going very well here in Pécs and the work is continuing to flow.

I love all of you and hope that the Lord blesses all of your lives.

Magda Elder

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