Monday, February 4, 2013


February 4, 2013
Mi a dörgés? (What’s crackin?)
My word the super bowl sounded SUPER intense!!! The Niners sounded like they could have almost had it. Such a bummer!! I was actually chuckling to myself this week thinking about it. I remember telling dad that while I was on my mission the Niners would go the super bowl. Well, prediction came true! Well.......almost. I also predicted that they would win. But, hey, at least I was 50% right!  I'm glad that all of you had fun at the party! Super glad that Alisha wore some face paint in support of our Niner pride. So kewl!!! At least we can look forward to next year and look forward to another Niner super bowl, with a win instead.
This week’s letter may be a little lame. Not much happened this week. It was very similar to last weeks with the work being kind of dry, but included were just a bunch of random things that were thrown into the mix that we had to do.
But this is for sure the story of the week for you all. Ok, I think I have mentioned to you guys that our shower is kind of a pain. It's super small, there is barely any water pressure, AND we only have 5 minutes (max) of hot water. Plus, it takes 30 minutes for the shower to warm back up after one of us has showered. So for the past 3 months I have been showering with this shower. Well, this week, things only got worse. Tuesday morning, Elder D goes to take a shower first and finishes up in 6-7 minutes. He comes out and says 'Elder, I only had hot water for 30 seconds and then it just died.' I first thought 'Well, I'll just wait for a while and see if it recharges'. After waiting for an hour or so, I checked it again and it was still FREEZING cold water. By the time we had to go out and work, I decided to just go in and take the shower as fast as possible. Oh my word!!!!! This was the coldest shower of my life!! I literally had a brain freeze afterwards. I only took maybe 2 minutes, but it felt like forever in there! After the shower we decided to call our landlord and tell him what was up. He sent, the next day, a repairman to check out the water heater. He worked for an hour and then told me 'You have a huge problem.' ' what do we do?' 'I will talk with your landlord and he will call back. But this problem is big.' We get a call from our landlord that night, telling us that there is a terrible problem with the electricity on the side of the wall where the water heater is hooked up to and that an electrician team is going to come over next week and take about 3 days to fix the problem by tearing our walls apart. Basically, we have no hot water for a week. YYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! But, there is also good news, and that is that we have another companionship of missionaries who have a shower that we can use!!! Thank goodness!!! They are way cool and are allowing us to come over and use their shower in the mornings so that we don't have to suffer with ice cold showers for a week. Count your blessings!!!
Anyways, that's really all the exciting news that I have for this week. I hope you all of a more interesting week this week. Tell me all about it in your next email!! Love you all!!
Magda Elder

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