Monday, February 11, 2013

The Sun will come out.....Last Week!!!

February 11, 2013
Hey Everybody!

This week has been SUCH a miracle for my companion and I! There haven’t been any BIG miracles, but it is the small things that we have found that have made this week absolutely amazing. I will try to explain myself. 

Tuesday we had a lunch program with a member in the ward and we had AMAZING soup and paprikás csirke (peppered chicken). SOOO delicious.  After our program with her we had another one with Renata, who we baptized in December, and we taught her about the 10 Commandments and Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. What's so awesome about teaching her though is that she always has insight for us about what she has found in her week. Oh, and I don't know if I've told you all this already, but she wants to serve a mission!!!!! Isn't that so kewl?!?! When she told us that, my mouth dropped and I kept thinking 'you were just baptized and you already are preparing to serve a mission?!' This woman is so awesome! She already has a calling in the branch also and she is definitely magnifying her calling. It is such an inspiration to see how the gospel can have such a great impact on the lives of the people that we teach or have taught. 

Wednesday we had a Zone Training from our Zone Leaders about teaching our investigators about praying effectively. We then, soon after, had two programs that we had set up. AND THEY DIDN'T DOG US!!!!! That was probably the first big/little miracle of the week. The first program was actually an interesting one. He spoke perfect English and he was basically our CNN/Fox News. He kept telling us everything that was going on in the world and what were our opinions on it. We avoided every question he would throw at us with 'Well, everyone has free agency to choose and make their own decisions' and try to lead it to the gospel. Unfortunately that made him more heated and he started giving us his own personal opinions and we soon ended that program. The second program, on the other hand, was awesome! It was with a 20 year old girl that we found on the street and we taught her of the Restoration and it was WAY awesome. She did tell us afterwards that we really helped her in strengthening her own faith, but she still wants to meet with us. We are super stoked! 

Friday was our next big day. We had a really good morning with our studies and preparing for the day. We had two other programs scheduled for that day with gaps here and there for streeting. Before our first program we had an hour to find. In less than 30 minutes we had 2 LEGIT people who gave us their phone numbers. That rarely happens! We then had our program with a new investigator, which we planned to have half English teaching and half Gospel because we thought it would be an hour. After the English portion he asked if we could do the next portion another time because he came to our program during his lunch break so he had to go back soon. I was kind of bummed until he told us after we said the closing prayer that ever since English class, which we open and close with a prayer, he has also been praying and he has seen the effects of it in his life. Both Elder D and I were super shocked and we have another program set up for him this week. So awesome! We then went out streeting again and had MORE finds. What in the world?! Things are starting to come together! It's a miracle! 

Then Saturday and Sunday we had some more finds and more people! It's been an absolute blessing this week. And along with all of it we are also having SO much fun doing it. Elder D and I have been laughing so hard this transfer and we are really sad that this is the last week of the transfer. We are both sure that I will be leaving and going somewhere else, which really stinks because I would love to stay here with him for another transfer. But, we'll see what happens next week. Oh, and news for you all, they have changed when we get our Transfer call from Monday to Tuesday and Tuesday is when we have our P Day instead of Monday. So, if you don't get an email from me on Monday, don't panic, it will just be coming the following day. 

Alrighty Ya'll, I'm signin' off. Have a good week and never forget that the Lord never forgets about his Saints and blesses them abundantly as we continue to endure to the end. 

Magda Elder

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