Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Well Hellloooo All Yaa'lll

February 19, 2013
Well Hellloooo All Yaa'lll
A wet day!

Elder Magda and Elder D'Angina
Transfers keeping getting more interesting. I had a few predictions for what could happen to me, but the call I received was definitely not what I expected. First off, I thought that Elder D' would be staying here in Pécs and I would leave. Where and who I would be getting are not important, but I had no doubt in my mind that I was definitely leaving and Elder D'. would be staying. But, instead, my theory was switched around. Elder D'.  is actually leaving Pécs and is going to Kaposvár and I am staying here in Pécs for a 4th transfer. I feel so bad for Elder D'!  He absolutely loves this city and the branch and wanted to stay so badly. But, at least he will still be in my district. Kaposvár and Pécs is its own district and we have district meetings once a week, so he will be able to visit Pécs every other week, since we go back and forth where district meeting will be held. But I know that he will be an outstanding missionary in Kaposvár. He and I worked so much here in Pécs and I know that he will only give that same or even more, energy to the people of Kaposvár.

It's a bird.  It's a plane?

So, like I said, I am staying and I am actually getting someone from the same group as me from the MTC........Elder H.!!! Going back for all of you to the days of the MTC, back in April of 2012 (Which, by the way, is almost a year's difference!), I was in a companionship with Elder B., who is doing well by the way, and  the other companionship in my group was a threesome of Elder Ju., Jo. and H. Now, being in the field, I will be serving with Elder H. who is an awesome elder and I am excited to see how these next 5 weeks will be. Tomorrow we will be going up to Budapest to meet our new companions then be coming back to get back into the work. 

Keepin cool in Hungary!
Bikes schmikes!  This is how we roll!
Riding the Train!
For interesting things of the week, we thought this past week was going to be really good, but it didn't turn out the way we thought it would. One of the new investigators that we just got told us during the middle of our program that he really didn't want to talk more about the church and apologized for taking our time from us when we could be talking to someone else more interested. We thanked him for his honesty and for letting us know, but we Elder D' and I still felt kind of bummed after he had said that. But, hopefully the Spirit will touch his heart somewhere down the road where he will want to learn more about the Gospel.

Renata's Baptism
Friday we were able to go to a ward party for a holiday that they celebrate here called Farsang. Apparently it's like a Halloween that they celebrate in the Spring. It's like a celebration because winter has finally passed (which it hasn't really) but it's still a fun thing. All of the kids dressed up in their costumes and we played games together with them and it was SOO much fun. This branch is so awesome and everyone was super kind to one another.  Yesterday we had kind of a cool experience. We had kind of a last 'hoorraaah', Elder D'.and I, because it was going to be our last day together. So we went out and trackted for a good few hours and we got a legit let-in!!!  ! It was a miracle!! We had been trackting for a little bit, but we came up to home of a family, telling them that we were doing a survey, and they let us in. It was a single mom with 2 young daughters and we gave the mom the survey, since the daughters were kind of occupied, and she responded to our questions amazingly!! We soon found out that she was Catholic and a Sunday school teacher at the Catholic school. She said that she would really love to talk to us more about our religion next week, but she said that she is firm in her faith and is staying a Catholic. Both Elder D' and I thought to ourselves that just listening to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is all a person needs to feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost that what we teach is true. Even leaders of the church, both now and in the past, said that they were once strong believers of their faith but after hearing the testifying witnesses of the Restored Gospel, they could not deny that what we taught was true. I felt this and so did Elder D', and so we will be excited to meet with her.....well, I will at least. 
The first sight of MOUNTAIN DEW in Hungary!!!!! (oh the joy...)

 Well, that was the highlights of our week. For shout-outs to people back at home: Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! You’re getting up there with those years. But that's a good thing :) And tell Darian that I pray that the Spirit may be with him, always (Not to be Star Wars cheesy.....well, maybe). That first day in the MTC is one of the most powerful days and I hope he remembers every moment of that day. He will be an amazing missionary, I already know it.

I hope everybody feels better soon and I love you all so much! 

Magda Elder

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  1. Magda Elder,
    Just today your mother told me about your blog. I am astounded that the Church embraces this use of technology for missionaries--astounded because it is so awesome. It is a wonderful way to stay informed of how you are progressing in the work, and from what I have read, it is going well. I believe you are staying in this area because you still have someone from your family to meet and introduce to the gospel. I know your faith will carry you through. Your many artistic talents (singing, dancing, acting, etc.) will help you reach investigators, so don't hold back. The best to you.
    Yours in the Gospel,
    Bro. Strange