Monday, March 18, 2013

A Quick Update

March 18, 2013
Dear Everyone,

Alrighty everyone, this will have to be a quick one because our day is busy today, unfortunately. But here are some quick little updates with what has happened this week.
The weather here has been CRAZY!!! Last week Monday it seemed like summer could be around the corner. The sun was out, the temperature was wonderful and it seemed like nothing could happen to destroy that. Then on Tuesday there was a little bit of showers towards the beginning of the day and then, later, some thunder and lightning storms that made the weather so much more intense. By the way, if you all haven’t realized this yet, I LOVE thunder and lightning. To me it's the best kind of weather. Anyways, returning back, Wednesday was a downpour. It seemed like the rain would just not stop. Plus, it wasn't just a warm rain; it was really cold, which only meant that the next day would probably bring snow. And snow it brought. Thursday was absolutely CRAZY with snow! It was snowing in all directions: down, left, right, diagonal, backwards, frontwards, inside out. My word was it crazy! Plus the wind was almost carrying us from place to place and almost made it so that we could fly! Ha ha, there was a few times where I felt like I got some air. It was pretty cool. That night we had English class, where in our beginner class that we teach in we normally have up to 15 or sometimes 20 students, but this past Thursday we only had........2. That's right, only 2 people showed up. These 2 people we called the 'Courageous Students'. It was pretty intense. Now the weather is kind of dying down a little. It's raining a little bit today, but we are hoping it just stays like this and that it doesn't get any worse.

Friday was actually a holiday here in celebration for the Hungarian revolution of 1848 and for it we had the day as another P-Day, which was really nice. The branch had a ping pong tournament where we expected a lot of people to show. Well, the weather was still quite intense and so only a small few were able to make it through the weather. But, the tournament went on and I actually did pretty well I must say. Elder Christiansen in the other elder companionship knocked me out unfortunately, but it was a really close game: 11-9. You should have been there to see it. There were some people in the branch that completely threw us off guard with their ping pong skills. Pretty crazy. After the tournament, the other elders and my companion and I hung out and played games for most of the day and were able to watch Wreck It Ralph, which was a fantastic movie!! Totally blew my mind with how well they made the movie. We wanted to go out and see festivities and stuff that they normally have out for the holiday, but because of the weather no one was out and everything was mostly taken down. Pooo. But we still had a fun and eventful day.
Work wise, all of our programs canceled for the week because of the weather and we were unable to get anyone to talk with us while tracting. Kind of a bummer, but this week looks a lot better and we will have a turn for the better.
Alrighty all you ladies and germs, that's all I have for the week. Keep being awesome and stay on the sunny side of life. :D
Magda Elder
P.S.  Today marks the one year mark of my farewell......AAAHHHHH So weird!!!!

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