Monday, March 4, 2013

Catchin' the train from Budapest

March 4, 2013
Hey Fam!

Alright, this email is going to be really quick. I say quick because right now I am in Budapest and we have a train we have to catch really soon and we don't want to miss it. Long story short, President had interviews and we were called up so we spent the whole day here in Budapest and barely had time to do anything, including emailing. But, this is basically an email to let you know that I am still alive and kicking! 

So, for updates for the week, Elder Hunnicutt and I have been working hard and have LOVED it! It has been such a fun week with absolutely awesome results. At the same time, time has flown by so fast for us this week! We couldn't believe at the end of every day. We would both say to each other 'Didn't we just go to bed?' Well, it seems like when you are having fun, time just wants to fly by. This week Elder Hunnicutt and I were able to get 8 new investigators. 8!!!! I have never had that many in one week. Five of them came from a family that we ran into who were so awesome!!! They welcomed us in with open arms and were excited to hear about our message about families. The other 3 were with other amazing people that we are excited to be meeting with. There are also many other people that asked us to come back another day this week who will count as new investigators once we meet them. Can you believe it?!?! This is absolutely amazing!! This is the first week since Pest (October) that I have had a busy week with programs! God is blessing us abundantly. And what makes it so much better is that I seriously LOVE my companion. He and I get along so well. We both love music and the deep doctrines of music and we are both bookworms! He absolutely loves books and has declared, officially, that he has read over 4000 books. WHHHAAAAT?!?! We are both making lists for one another of books that we love and haven’t read before for when we come home. Those are only two things out of the other plenty that I have.

 I absolutely love my mission. LOVE it. I am learning so much here: from my companion, the work, the branch, the city, people, scriptures, music, and, most importantly, from my Heavenly Father. He has been teaching me so much about myself! I have found the scripture true that says 'He that loses himself for my sake shall find it.' SO TRUE!!! I have come to know myself, and who I was before, so much more than I ever have. I have been growing so much from the knowledge of the scriptures and of the church and of the Lord that I have had a VAST love for just working and telling everyone of what I know. My companion has been a great help in this progression of mine. Every companion has, but Elder Hunnicutt I have found to be one of my closest brothers from the pre-existence. He has really been a blessing for me at this time. Yes, the work is picking up a lot and it makes days much easier, but that is only a small portion of why I love my mission. Oh, and another reason why I love my mission.......I LOVE THIS LANGUAGE!!!! I love Hungarian!!! It's so amazing. I have really grown to love it of its uniqueness and sound and everything that defines the language. Sure it's still hard from time to time.......ok, most of the time, BUT, it is definitely one of the best languages EVER!! Nothing beats it! It comes close to English, but it's a close race. :P

Ok, now to end this email. Alisha, I am so proud of you!! YOU DID IT!!!! You can now fill in the spot in The Ring of the Magda TJYCers (TJYC because that was the original class AND because I get to choose the name because I was the first :P). Now all three of us have completed the class. SO KEWL!! 

"Let it be known to all the world that we, Blake, Ashleigh and Alisha Magda, have succeeded in passing TJYC/SYC and can now stand with the Banner of Liberty, letting it wave for all to see."  

Ashleigh! You got into BYU-I!!!!!! That is so awesome!! I am so thrilled for you! You are going to be the first one out of us Magda kids to go to BYU! I am so excited and thrilled to hear this. There is a quote that I actually just found today, it came from a letter that I received from President Telford, it says: 'Time is only numbered by man. But God has your eternal perspective in mind. -Ezra Taft Benson’ Though things may not be going your way, or the way you would wish it to be, the Lord has your entire life in mind. He knows what is best for you and is only trying to bless you in ways you can't even comprehend. All you have to do is trust him and have faith that what he has in store for you is for your eternal progression. Ashleigh, you are absolutely going to love it! I just know it. Stay close to Him, follow and do what He asks and the Lord will bless you. D&C 82 10: 'I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say...'  

Alrighty everyone, that's it for me again. Till we meet......well, write.....again! 

Magda Elder

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