Monday, April 22, 2013

Good Morning Békéscsaba!

 April 22, 2013
Jo Reggelt Békéscsabáról! (Good Morning Békéscsaba!)

Well this week sure was a busy one! Elder Ch and I planned for a busy week, but not as busy as we expected it. Everyone that we met with basically wanted to meet twice this week. TWICE!! That's a miracle! As missionaries that's what we want with every investigator, but it has been so hard my entire mission to get people to set up for twice in one week. But this week was absolutely a miracle week. Oh, we were also fed dinner and lunch on some of the days. Nothing can get better than that, right?.......Ok, I guess there are things that are better than being fed. For a missionary it's like the best thing in the world though. :P 

We had some awesome programs this week. One of them we had just met for the first time and she met with us for practicing her English. We told her before that half of it would be practicing English; the other half would be a Gospel message which she agreed to. After the English part, we asked her if she believed in God or was religious at all. She replied with 'Well I don't know if I would say that I believe that there is one Almighty being that governs the world, but I do believe that there are angels.' We asked her if she ever thought if God could send Angels to help us and she said 'Maybe.' With that we talked to her about the Restoration and about God being our Heavenly Father and we being his children. We also talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and that we can know if all of these things are true if we read from it and if we pray. We told her that we know that these things are true because we have received answers from Heavenly Father that they are true. She then asked a great question 'How did you know that what you received was an answer and not just a feeling that you made yourself want to feel.' We then shared with her the scripture from Galatians about the Fruits of the Spirit and that all good things come from God and as we ask with a sincere heart and with real intent, having that faith in Christ, then we will receive a real witness of these things. We asked her if she would do these this and she replied with 'You know, I really want to see if what you say is true. I will read this daily and pray about it.' I cannot tell you how big my smile was and how filled my spirit was when I heard her say that. THAT is what I am here for: bringing people closer to Christ. Amazing!  That program was absolutely outstanding! I am so excited to meet with her again and see if she received an answer. 

I will give one more great experience that I had this week. Being a District Leader, I have to go on splits with one of the Zone Leaders at least once a transfer. So on Friday, after our district meeting, I had one of the Zone Leaders come to me as my companion went with the other to their city. Though we had a busy week, for some reason, I could not set up a single program for that afternoon. Every other day was jam packed, but Friday we had nothing. So I looked at my Zone Leader and said 'Well, are you ready to go out finding!' It was so much fun. We went tabling and tracting with, unfortunately, no real big success. But we had a lot of fun while we did it. Ha ha, every time I think about that day I just began to laugh because of how long it was and how funny we made that day. But the reason why I brought up this experience was actually about the next day, Saturday. We had a program that morning before we switched back with someone that we had met with once before and gave a little message about the Book of Mormon. This time we gave her a full lesson about the Restoration and I was just amazed by the Zone Leaders ability to explain the Restoration and ask inspired questions. At the end of the program we bore testimony that we can receive an answer about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and she committed to reading and praying about it and also added 'Are there other things that you guys hold that I can come to and learn more about your church?' That was such a fabulous program and I learned so much from my Zone Leader. Where my patriarchal blessing talks about my mission and that I will have many experiences of learning and growing, it wasn't kidding! I'm learning and growing so much from my mission! I love it! I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

Heather is in the MTC! WOOOHOOOO! On Wednesday, around 4 o'clock pm, I looked at my watch and thought to myself 'She's going to be walking into the MTC soon!' Ahh! Soo cool! I sent her a little 'Welcome to the Mission' email. Hopefully she gets it. Her p days should be on Wednesdays like mine were in the MTC. I keep forgetting that Karl is already married. It's still crazy to think about. Sounds like his and his wife's talks were fantastic! I wish I could have been there to have heard it! 

Well, I am off to save the day! I hope you all have a marvelous week this week and I hope you can see the many blessings from it. 

Magda Elder

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