Monday, May 20, 2013

I just ate....WHAT????

May 20, 2013
Well Howdy-do der! 

My good golly gracious you guys seem to have had a very interesting week this past week! Puppies?!?! I would have never guessed in a MILLION YEARS that under our roof we would be having puppies. Ha ha, I bet mom absolutely loves taking care of them. And I can also imagine dad being just ecstatic to have little German Shepard puppies—along with all of the Elders who were there and helped out. Ha ha, The Magda Family is where it’s at ya'll! You'll find nothing but excitement there. 

Ok, this week will definitely be a short email because my companion has fallen ill and we can only email for a little bit so that he can rest so that he can feel better. But I will give you one interesting that happened this week so that my email doesn't seem so blank. 

Coming to Hungary, I didn't think that I would eat any weird foods or something to the extent of pushing it away and throwing up my hands saying 'I can't eat it. No way!' Well, that experience happened this week, except I didn't know what I ate till afterwards. Friday we had our District Meeting here in Békéscsaba and after every District Meeting we go to this place called the Halcentrum where they have two 'Meals of the Day' that are super cheap.  Sometimes it is a gamble though because we don't always understand what exactly in the meal because the vocabulary that they use is kind of confusing. We all felt like the first decision on the board was the best because it had tomato soup with a side dish with some kind of meat, and you can't go wrong with that right? So we get our meals and sit down. My companion and I find that our tomato soup was cold. Oh well, right? We had some kind of chicken thing to eat. We finish our soup and start eating our meat thingy. We come to find that they stuffed the meat with another kind of meat, and the meat that was on the inside was probably one of the worst meats I have ever eaten. But I didn't want to go back home afterwards and eat something because I wanted to stay out and work. So, I just forced myself to eat it as much as I could. We then finish lunch and keep going with our day. We were helping one of the members with some stuff that she had to do and I felt prompted to ask her what exactly we ate. I told her the name of the dish that we had and she said 'Oh, what was stuffed in the chicken was brains' '...............Ummm........come again?' 'Brains.' Whhhhhhaaaaaatttttt?!?! Brains?!?!?! Are you serious!! I just ate brains?!?! I'm pretty sure my face got pail when I heard those words uttered. You know, I never saw the picture or look of brain and thought to myself 'You know, that looks really appetizing!' That was definitely one of the more interesting things that I have eaten in my life. 

That's basically one of the more exciting things that happened this week. There was plenty more, but out of all the things that happened, I thought I should tell you all about this. I'm sorry for making this short, but I promise that next week will be longer. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and that it will be just as or even more eventful than this week. :D 

Magda Elder

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