Monday, June 3, 2013

Cloudy With a Chance of Pigeon Soup

June 3, 2013
Mizű! (What’s up?)

This week has been filled with incredible-ság! (ság is our 'ness' at the end of words) The only hard thing is that we have a fun filled P-Day ahead of us where we are going out to a little village outside of Békéscsaba to see some castles and stuff and I don't have too much time for emailing. E-gad!!! But I will fill you in on this spectacular week. 

First, I will start with a true fact of the day. True Fact: the weather hear is ridiculously unpredictable. Seriously, I feel like I could be in Florida right now. At one moment it's sunny and nice outside and you think 'Well, looks like a day to wear my short sleeved white shirt today. And then you go out and suddenly clouds come out of nowhere and begins to pour rain. Then on another day you see that it's cloudy outside and put on a sweater and bring an umbrella thinking that it will rain and then the clouds disperse and the sun comes out with no clouds around it. Make up your mind! It's June for heaven’s sake! But then again I'd rather it be cool than blazing hot, so I shouldn't be complaining. :P 

Tuesday we had an awesome find! My companion and I were heading for the branch house for a program that we were about to have and when we had just reached the branch house our program canceled and rescheduled for another day. That was our last thing for the day and now we had a whole hour to do something and my companion asked 'Well, what should we do?' I suggested 'Why don't we go tract?' So we went out. We had no idea where to go, but my companion was just following my lead, so I just headed down a street that I haven’t been to before and we started tracting. We had been going down the street for a little bit and there were other streets that branched off from the main street we were on and I had a feeling that we should take a left on one of them, but I wasn't quite sure when so I just kept going till I felt a bigger feeling to go down one of them. My companion started talking to about something and I felt this feeling to take the next left, so I told him 'Let’s go this way.'

We were tracting a few houses when we saw an older man standing outside on the sidewalk and he was staring at us. Both of us looked at each other and had a feeling that he would come up to talk to us, which he did. He asked us what we were doing and we told him exactly that: 'We are talking to people about our church and giving out a free book.' He began to tell us that he didn't really believe in any church and that he has kind of given up on faith. We continued talking for a little bit and we found out that his wife actually goes to English Class and that she has heard what we have shared for spiritual messages and enjoys them. At that moment she came around the corner on her bike and said hi to us and told us to come inside. While her husband was getting things ready for us to sit down she told us that maybe we can help him believe again. We sat down and talked to both of them a little bit about us and why we are here and about the Book of Mormon. The husband began to open up to us and accepted the Book of Mormon and told us that we should come back. A miracle!! What a miracle that was! We even found out later, his wife asked him how we ran into him and he just said 'Well I was going outside to just sit out there. I don't know why, but I just did.' My companion and I looked at each other afterwards and we both had goose bumps. We knew that we had been lead to them at that specific point. If our program hadn't canceled, we wouldn't have found them. Definitely a miracle that we were blessed to be a part of. 

The other big thing that happened this week that was WWAAAYY kewl was that on Saturday one of our investigators took us to her parents’ house to have a 'Garden Party' with her family. She told us beforehand that there would be a lot of food there including pigeon soup. That's right, pigeon soup. She also said that where her parents live is not far from the Romanian border. We were totally down for it, so she picked us up with her boyfriend and we went to her parents house. The weather was really cold outside unfortunately so we couldn't eat outside in their garden, so we had dinner inside. There was SO MUCH FOOOD!!!! It was incredible! Our first course was pigeon soup, which was basically exactly like chicken noodle soup and it was really good. Apparently her father trains pigeons as a hobby and also keeps pigeons to eat also and they are fed corn and stuff so that they taste good. So we got to have it and I really enjoyed it. Now I can say that I had pigeon. Interesting food every week! After that we had steak pörkölt which was THE best pörkölt (stew) I have ever tasted in my life! We had both rice and nokedli (dumpling), which is a kind of pasta here, for the base and then the steak pörkölt. It had the perfect spices and.......I can't even describe it to you. I don't have the same writing ability as those professional descriptors who describe food. But, I will just say, SZUPER CSODÁLATOSAN FINOM! (SUPER AMAZING DELICIOUS!) I finished my second helping of pörkölt when our investigators mom pulled out even more meat for us to eat. And THEN she pulled out homemade strawberry short cake which was absolutely amazing!! Afterwards I really felt like I could explode. It was incredible. After we ate they took us out to the Romanian border and we took some pictures. It was super awesome! I'll attach some pictures soon so you can see what it looked like

Anyways, I gotta run now. But quickly, I must say that it is so awesome to hear that Dad rototilled the yards!!! I remember when we always talked about doing it and it never happened. That's going to be so weird to come back to when I come back home. Way to go dad! That must have been a lot of work to do. 

Alrighty then, I hope that you all have another wonderful week this week! And don't forget to count your blessings and name them one by one. 

Magda Elder

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