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Elder Magda next to a Legit Knight!

June 15, 2013
Dear All You Peoples Out There,

So, I know this is probably a surprise to you all that you are getting this on Saturday rather than on Monday. Well do I have a surprise for all of you! 

Transfers have come early for me and it is quite an interesting transfer indeed. But first things first, what's happening to my companion. I don't know if I mentioned this in any of my emails, but my companion, Elder Ch, has been dealing with some health issues throughout his mission and recently it's not been doing so well and President Smith and he talked about the situation and he is actually being sent home to America today. Whaaaaattttt?!?!? I know!! It's crazy! But he is taking it really well. He has served for a year and a half and has done a great job while here and it's been awesome to serve with him for his last two transfers. We got the call on Thursday evening and we were told that we were supposed to come up on Friday. Then, while on the phone with President, Elder Ch hands the phone to me and tells me the president wanted to ask me something. 'Elder Magda, how are you doing?' 'Doing well President, how can I help you.' 'Well your companion is going to be coming up to Budapest tomorrow and you will need to come with him.' 'Well he is my companion for the time being so I certainly will be coming up.' 'That's great, but we are also going to ask you to pack your bags to, but you aren't going home *chuckles*. We actually would like you to be Secretary in the Mission Office. Would you accept this calling?' Of course I said yes, but I was totally not expecting to get the transfer call to secretary! This is crazy!! I am serving in Budapest again! The only difference is that I am on the Buda side this time. But the cool fact is that last year, exactly a year ago to be precise, I started my mission in Hungary in Pest and now I am back and am on the Buda side this time. Whhhaaaatt!!! So I am going to be able to be here for some awesome stuff for the 2nd time. 
The writing here roughly translates to "eternal companion."  They thought this was so funny!

Going off that, can you believe that it has been a year since I've been in the country? It's hard for me to believe that I have lived in a foreign country for a year now. Aaaannnnnddddd, guess what else! Someone is coming into the mission in a matter of 3 days. That's right; Heather Magda is going to be here! Can you believe that it has finally been 7 months and now she is here! It's going to be such an awesome reunion, and it is perfect timing for me to go secretary because I'll get to be here when she comes in! Woooo hoooo! Who has two thumbs up and is stoked to see his aunt come into the mission? *Pointing to myself* this guy right here! I'll let you in on the reunion next week. Aannnnddddd, guess who is going to be turning 21 and becoming an old fart in 8 days. *Pointing to myself* this guy! I'm getting old!! This is crazy shinaniganness! I'm going to be looking for my first grey hair soon. I'll let you know if my search is successful or not. :P

Alrighty, so being secretary my p-days are now on Saturday's instead of Monday's because office hours are Monday through Friday. Sooooo if anyone wants to write me an email, don't forget that Saturday's are when I get them. I can't tell you all of what I'm going to be doing because I have yet to be trained by the previous missionary who was in my secretary position, but he will be training me for the next few days and getting me used to what I will be doing. Oh, if any of you are confused, this is a normal companionship, as in I do have a companion who is also a secretary. My new companion is Elder L, who is actually from the same group as Elder C who was my first companion in Pécs. Right now, all I know is that he is from Colorado and he is a super funny guy and we are both excited for this transfer. 
Elder Loveday with a bow and arrow!
It's sad though. Because we had to pack up and leave for Budapest right away, we were unable to tell the Békéscsaba members our good byes. I loved Békéscsaba and I was really hoping that I could stay there for another transfer and keep things going there. But now I'm here, going from one of the smallest places in the mission to the biggest city. Definitely a change. But it is definitely great to be back in the big city again, not going to lie. I love this place, which is probably because this place was my greeny area.
Well, interesting stuff sure is happening and I'll be sure to let you know what happens being a secretary. Hope you have a good week!
Love you all!
This is the Duna River that separates Budapest into "Buda" and "Pest"  

Magda Elder

Last week, Blake talked about all of the rain that had fallen in Budapest and Germany. The Duna River picture shows the water level at 10-15 meters above normal.   He also mentioned getting to go to a party that was close to the Romanian border.  The family that had invited him and his companion drove them to the border to take pictures.  Here they are.
Elder Magda at the Duna River.  Elder Shipp is the photo bomb.

100 meters from the Romanian border

A beautiful morning in Békéscsaba

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