Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Hunt for Pizza Hut and "Bumblebee" sighting in Hungary

June 29, 2013
Elder Magda and Elder Loveday with "Bumblebee."

Pfsadfsfjaklhsadf, (absolute gibberish….)

Kind of wanted to start out my email with a more interesting beginning. Hopefully my creation up there is worthy of being interesting......hopefully.

This first week of being 21......Is there an expected feeling that comes with it? Because if there is, mine was back pains and being exhausted every day. I don't know what it was that hit me and my companion, but after every day we would just crash. Being old feels weeeiiirrrddd. Not gonna lie. This year, though, we did things differently. It was actually just me and Elder L. the whole day. The only companionship that also has Saturday as their P-Day are the AP's, but they were out doing something else on Saturday, so we just did our own thing. I told you guys last week that we went to the House of Terror, which is a museum in the same place as where the Nazi's and the Communist's head honcho's were officiated. I don't think I could describe the horror that the Hungarians had to face during those years. The 20th century was a real dark time for the Hungarians, where they were controlled for more than half of the century. I know that there were plenty of other countries that were controlled during the dark ages also, but learning a little more about the pain and anguish that they went through made me recognize how blessed we are and how grateful we should be for what we had and do have. Afterwards we relaxed a little bit because we went to Sport Nap in the morning where we played basketball and volleyball for 2 hours or so. For dinner we had heard that there was a Pizza Hut somewhere in Budapest and we were both craving some real American pizza, so we went out on the hunt for it. It took us a while since the mall that it was in was made ridiculously and Pizza Hut was placed in the most random place of the mall, but we found it and we were both were surprised at what we found. You know at home how Pizza Hut is kind of a whole in the wall, at least in some places, and is usually a place where you order a pizza and then you take it home and rarely is it a dine in place? Yeah, not here in Hungary is it like that. In fact, they made it into an entire restaurant where they sit you down and give you menus. Menus!!! And they had more than just pizza ! There were salads, lasagnas and different kinds of foods. It was crazy! It also was pretty expensive, but it was SOOO worth it! We each got our own pizza and it tasted heavenly! It was a little slice of home. :D 

On Sunday we just had or normal church service and at the end we were talking to a woman and she asked me a few questions about me since I had just gotten here and she asked how old I was and I was like '21, starting today.' She told me if I was joking and I just said 'Nope'. She said, 'My daughter’s birthday is today also! Why don't you and the other missionaries come over to our house tomorrow night and we can celebrate.' 'Uhhhh, ok then.' They were so nice! They made an entire dinner for the missionaries; mind you there were 12 of us, and also cake! I couldn't believe it. I couldn't thank them enough for their kindness. As we were walking out of their house from finishing, my companion and I looked over and we saw that they had a new yellow Camaro in their driveway. But as we looked closer, we come to find that it wasn't just any ordinary Camaro, BUT it was Bumblebee from Transformers! That's right, it transformed and everything in front of us and talked to us through its radio! Ha ha, unfortunately it wasn't THAT Bumblebee, but it was a make from the same one from the movie and even has the symbol of the Autobots on the side of it. It was awesome! I'll attach some pictures of it for you guys.  I had a really awesome birthday. Filled with fun, excitement AND amazing food. 
Proof it was really "Bumblebee!"

I don't have too much to write about this week, we have just been preparing to take some of the new missionaries to the bureau here where they can get their temporary visas. So I will be able to see Heather again on Monday and I promise I will get a picture with her. :) We have also been having some small miracles with finding new investigators. This week, even though we haven’t been able to get out of the office a lot to work, we have run into a lot of people who have been interested in the church and we have met with a few of them already and they are wonderful people who have  true intent in discovering the truth. We are excited to meet with them this week and we pray that we can help them in coming closer to Christ. 

Thank you for the packages that you guys sent! I was so surprised when I got the letter one and it had the sheet music for The Prayer in it. Thank you Ashleigh! I'm already trying to find someone who can play it on the piano and maybe someone who can do the woman's part so that I can practice. That was definitely a surprise. Also thank you for the Taco Bell sauce packets and lemonade packets. Also, it was really funny to get Batman and Robin socks. What prompted you to get those? Ha ha, I'm definitely going to be wearing them around the apartment when it starts to get cold.

For some questions that you guys have, we do have a car that we can use. It's technically the office's car and the office couple has first dibs on it before we do, but if they aren't using it, then we are allowed to use it. So, in answer to your question if we have a car, it's a yes and a no. But at least we can use it, right? They are already working on getting me an International Permit so I don't need to get one sent to me. I should be getting it in a few days, then I will be able to drive in Budapest. That will sure be an adventure. These streets are crazy! Tell Sarah Croft (Nightingale. Weird that she's now married by the way!) that I say congratulations! 

Alrighty, that’s all I got for this week! Next week we will be in July AND Independence Day! Tell me all about that and you guys did for it. We have some ideas for what we want to do for the P-Day that weekend, so we'll see how that plays out. I love you all and don't forget to say your prayers this week! 

Sok szeretettel, (Lots of Love)
Magda Elder

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