Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Buda-Lands are Wonderful!

August 3, 2013

A kedves családomnak és barátaimnak, To whom this may concern, (He’s been in an office a little too long this week, eh?)

Can you believe that we are already in August?! My goodness gracious, we're going to be hitting fall soon. Random, but whenever I think of the change of seasons I think of the scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail when the narrator talks about the change of seasons. If you can't remember that scene, watch it! 

This week has been kind of busy since it was transfer week. We got a new batch of missionaries straight from the MTC. It was probably one of my favorite parts of my week, seeing all the new missionaries faces react to where they are and the how different it is out here in Hungary. They're also super jet lagged and could collapse at any moment. Cool fact though, one of the new missionaries that came in is from Rocklin and knows like everyone that I know! His name is Elder Sterri and he is actually being trained by my MTC companion in Eger. That'll be kewl. Another cool fact, guess who came back to the mission.......Elder Headrick! He just got back on Thursday and is getting back into the mission life by serving in Miskolc. It was so weird to see him again but also great at the same time! He's been missed and we are definitely glad to see him again. Ha ha, but I will say he definitely seemed a little shell-shocked being back again. I think jet-lag may have been a small part of it, but I think he'll get through it a lot quicker since he has already done it once before. 

This mission is so awesome!! I love the Hungary Budapest mission! It's just filled with awesome missionaries. Another thing that happened with transfers, Elder Christensen, who was my 3rd companion and 1st one in Pécs, is now the new AP with Elder Anderson! I've been wanting to be around that guy for SO  LONG! And now he's the new AP and we have our p-days on the same day and we see each other basically every day in the office. Can this transfer get any better?! My new companion and I are already having a rad time and he has already had me laughing on the floor once our twice. He's hilarious! Our goal is to make everything in the office fun when we do it and try to get things done so that we can get out and do missionary work as soon as possible. This week was kind of a tough one for us since it was transfer week, but next week we are looking at getting some good hours outside in the sun :) 

So Heather's trainer, Sister Perkins, is now serving here in Buda and she talks about Heather all the time! She said she loved serving with her and she was super bummed to have only been her companion for 1 transfer. She had a bunch of stories to tell me about their transfer together. You'll have to ask Granny and Granddad about how she's doing. To me she seems like she is having a blast and being a legit missionary. 

Oh, I almost forgot. I wanted to thank you guys for the package that you sent me. I just got it Thursday and was way surprised to get it. Especially when I opened it up and the first thing I saw was the South Africa rugby jersey. Funny thing, I was talking to Elder Corbishley about sports the day before and rugby and cricket came up (he likes to play cricket by the way) and to get that package the next day was probably the coolest thing! Thank you so much for it! I especially loved the sour patch kids and the superman shirt and socks. I actually wore the Batman and Robin socks that you sent me to Sport day a few weeks ago. Now I can have Superman power as I play sports. SICK! I also loved the Plan of Salvation puzzle izé that you sent. Funny thing though, where it says 'Pre-Existence', they messed up on one of the words whoever chiseled it. :P

Well the Buda-Lands are wonderful and everything is going well. I hope that all of you are enjoying yourselves this summer and the heat isn't melting you all. Say hi to the dogs for me! Love you all! And don't forget, '...When life gets dark and dreary, don't forget to pray.' :D

Sok szeretettel,
Magda Elder

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