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TV interviews, chalk drawings and hedgehogs!

August 17, 2013
Amit felteszek az email-emen magyarul nem jelent semmit ami fontos. Csak fel akartam irni valamit magyarul ami nem volt 'szia családom'. :)  (I'm putting this in my e-mail in Hungarian. It does not mean anything that is important. I just wanted to write something in Hungarian which was not 'hi my family'

Hey, guess what? I'm sending you guys pictures this week! Wooo hooo! Be excited! Even more so because I have some kewl stories behind them. 

This week has actually been pretty fun. For most of every day we have been stuck in the office and taking greenies to the bureau and having them apply for residency cards, which only meant that I got to drive! Wooo! Trying to find every opportunity of mine to drive because I miss it. Plus it gives me better practice since, in this city, everyone drives like the own the road. I know back at home people can be like that, but here it's in a different light. It's like they think that there is no one else on the road but them. Komolyan (seriously)! It's rijfkdléskjfdélajdiculous! But worth it at the same time. 

When we did get out of the office we were able to have some fun AND I was able to take some pictures so that all of you can enjoy it! 
"Super Heroes" of Buda!
Last p-day I said that we were going to hang out with the AP's and play some sports and stuff. Way fun! But we all soon found out, and when I say soon I mean like 5 minutes, that we were all super out of shape. So after an hour or so of playing soccer, Frisbee, football, 3-flys up, we just about collapsed. But it was so worth it. I did get to wear my new Superman shirt that you sent me and Superman socks. I'm pretty sure they are what sustained me throughout our activities by giving me super powers. Plus, Elder Christensen wore his Superman shirt so we just were superheroing it up out on the field!
Elder Christensen and Elder Magda "Super-Heroing" it up on P-day
When I get home, I'm going to try and find some sort of soccer team to play on or something so that I can get some good regular exercise in AND have some awesome fun playing soccer. I miss playing that sport soo much! Being with Elder Corbishley has brought back memories of playing it since he is super soccer kid. Hopefully there will be something like that at home. We'll see.
The "Smoulder" from "Tangled."
Monday we were invited to a family home evening to one of the members here.  They actually lived in America for a really long time. They've lived in New York, Texas and then they lived in Florida for a really long time and now there back in Hungary for a while. She has her grandson, who is 19, here in Hungary and she wanted us to get to know him. He speaks fluent English, since he was raised in the states for most of his life, and also fluent Hungarian. What a lucky guy! To be fluent in two languages, one of them being English. I would love to be able to do that. So we went over to their house and they prepared Pörkölt for us, which was to die for delicious! But the other awesome part was that their house smelled almost exactly like Granny and Granddad's house. I don't know if I've talked about this before, probably have, but I'll repeat it again anyways, I've found that the scent of Granny and Granddad's house has kind of unique smell, which is a good smell by the way, and I have figured out that it is a Hungarian kitchen scent and I love it! I actually called Heather up after the family home evening and told her this and she told me that she didn't even know her house had a smell. Returning to the family home evening part, we had dinner with them and we talked, switching back and forth from English to Hungarian, which was way fun because they speak English perfectly, so if we didn't know a word they would just switch to English. After dinner we shared with them a spiritual message and asked if we could help with anything and the grandson, Roland, said that he was planning on cleaning up the backyard so that they could make a fire pit so that the other youth from the ward could come over and have BBQ's and stuff. So we scheduled a few days to come over and help him out. 

The last part of FHE, which mom will love, was finding a little friend outside of the family's house. As we were leaving we heard a rustle in the grass next to the house and we went looking through it to see what it was. Can you guess what it could be?........a Hedgehog!!!
Isn't it CUTE???
IT was the cutest thing ever! I immediately thought of mom since she adores hedgehogs. So we took some pictures with it and loved it to death, literally though, it's heart was pounding pretty hard.
Elder Corbishley and the hedgehog
Elder Magda and the hedgehog
To make sure that it wasn't going to have a heart attack or anything, we put it back into the woods and it scurried away. So kewl! Probably one of the kewlest highlights of the week.

On Tuesday we went back to the family's house to do some of the yard work in the backyard to get it ready for digging and tearing up the ground for the fire pit that we are planning to make. Roland is such an awesome guy! We were able to really get to know him and he said that he was planning on serving a mission and was going to have an interview with the bishop the next day to see what he needs to do to prepare. Hanging out with him kind of reminded me of the times when I hung out with the missionaries back at home before I left for my mission and how much of an example they were to me and I felt like this was my chance of doing the same thing back. I'm excited to see the journey that Roland has ahead of him. We told him that he had to tell us, since we'll probably be home when he gets his call or at least in a different area, where he was going when he got his call. 
Budapest street leading up to the Buda Castle

Buda Castle
After helping him with his backyard, we were walking back to our apartment and we saw that we had a few minutes to spare before we needed to return home. It was such a nice day outside, and we haven’t had many of them for the past few weeks since it's been dreadfully hot, so we decided to go to Buda Castle, which is on a little hill next to where we live that overlooks the Duna, and see the city lit up. It was so pretty!
Buda Castle
Budapest is such a beautiful city at night when the street lights are lit up and are reflecting on the river. Such a blessing to serve in this city again. And, August 20th, which is the main Hungarian holiday, is next week, so we'll have some fun exploring the city then also. 

Another really kewl thing that happened this week, at English class we actually had a TV news station record our class! Annnndddd I got to be interviewed afterwards! Do you know how ideg-tépő (nerve-wracking) that was to do in Hungarian?!?! I was so nervous! Even with all of my theater and performance background that I have being on stage and everything, it did not prepare me to be recorded speaking in a foreign language. I had to put all of my focus on the questions, even though they were basic, so that I could understand the questions exactly so that I wouldn't be like 'Uhhhh......could you repeat that again?' But it was still way kewl! They asked me why we held English class and also asked me about my family being part Hungarian and things that I knew about it before I came here and if I knew the language. It was way fun! Maybe we'll be able to see it if we're at one of our investigators houses :P 
Chalking "The Earth" and "Plan of Salvation"
The Earth
The last kewl thing of the week that we did was that we went chalking yesterday. Yup, we went back to grade school and played with chalk!! Ok, maybe we didn't 'play' with chalk, but it did feel like it when we we're doing it. We basically just went tabling by the Duna and brought a bunch of chalk with us and drew out the Plan of Salvation with quotes and scriptures on the side representing the drawing.
"Adam fell that man may be.  Men are that they might have joy."
IT was way fun! And there were also some people who stopped and asked us what we were doing and were interested. Finding people is so much more enjoyable when you make it fun and unique.  We had a blast doing it and definitely made for a good first memory of chalking. 
"And thus the world was created." Elders Lynch, Corbishley and Magda

Well, that was my week! I haven’t had a week this super duperly fun filled for a while. Not saying that I haven’t had fun for a while, just that I haven’t had one that really was memorable AND got me to take pictures. That's when you know that I had a good week when I send pictures back. ;) Today we have our first concert of two, the second one will be next Saturday. It's going to be great! We have some kewl numbers that we will be doing and I have one solo, 'My Soul Hungered', and two duets, 'Firm in the Faith' and 'The Prayer', and the woman that I'm singing with is Hungarian, but we are singing these songs in English since there's no real Hungarian translation for them. I'm stoked to sing these songs, just because I haven’t done anything like this since last year when I sang my duet with Sister Surányi. I've been so out of practice. And now Valley Choral just had the Call to Unity concert! Man I miss that so much! You guys sang O Danny Boy?!?! AHHHHH!! I've wanted to sing that song for soooo long! Blast! I wish I could have been there. Maybe next year if Paul has the choir sing it again or something. I miss that choir oh so much. I don't know if everyone in that choir knows how they have a special spot in my heart. The wonderful atmosphere and community of it all and the music that we were able to sing has shaped me to be the man that I am today. Please give Paul special thanks for me the next time you see him. He is one of the big reasons why I can and love to sing. 

Sounds like life is about to pick up with school coming around the corner back at home. Though I do miss school a lot, the stress part of it I am glad to be away from, ha ha. Hopefully I'll see Great Uncle Steve. I sent him an email last week, but he never wrote back. Maybe we'll run into each other somehow. And, also, I heard that Sister Skiba, one of the sisters who was here in Budapest last year when I was, is coming back to visit tomorrow. That'll be kewl! 

I hope everyone has a funtastic filled week! Stay sharp and prepare the day with quick Morning Prayer before you go out the door. 

Sok szeretettel, 
Magda Elder

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