Monday, September 30, 2013

It's a short one!

A wonderful sister from Budapest, Fajta-Németh Leonóra "Lina" just shared a video of Elder Blake Israel Magda singing in Hungary. There are four songs, two of which he sings with Sister Fajita-Nemeth. The last is "The Prayer."

September 30, 2013
Hey ya'll!

So, we had some fun plans for our p-day today, but unfortunately Elder Shoop has been having some more health issues that have been coming up and last night he had let the mission president know and this morning we got the news that we are going to Budapest at 1:00 to get to a 4:30 appointment for him. To be optimistic, we're going to Budapest! There's nothing wrong about being in the city that I love! And also I will be able to see the secretaries and be able to chat with them for a little bit. I love those guys! Doesn't that make me just sound like a nerd after having served as a secretary ha ha. But I definitely loved being a secretary. Not mad about that. :) But we are hoping, my companion and I, that everything is going to turn out to be alright. It should, which is the good thing. 

My word it sounds like home is busy off the wazoo! Dad sounds like he has a crazy schedule! Hopefully he's enjoying it though. At least he has Friday nights for some relaxation and fun. I'm cheering for him and in everything that he's doing! And then both Alisha and you have some crazy stuff going on. But, hey, sometimes being busy can be exciting, right? Maybe not all the time, but some of the time. 

So, just in short, this week has actually been really successful. We have been meeting with people left and right and this week we were able to get 5 new investigators! And the kewl part is, we have been working really hard for it and things have come from it. That's what I have been stoked about as I've looked back from this week. Because I have had past transfers where we would work really hard and would just about get nothing, which, to be honest, I wasn't mad about it. This work is hard, it's not meant to be easy. But, just to see that things have been coming out of our efforts has just put a smile on my face. The small things are what get me through every day, which I think is something that I have really learned to treasure and love while I've been out here. It truly is the small things that make the day that much brighter. Just a little note! 

Anyways, sorry that this is super short. We have a few things to do before we have to get on our train. I might be able to email a little bit more by the end of the day, but I can't make any promises. Next week will be longer! Promise! Enjoy this week and know that I'm loving Eger! And just for a little Magyar (Hungarian) for you: ne feljetek a jövőtöl. Habár nehez lehet amikor sok nehézségünk van, de, mindig összeszámoljuk az áldásainkat. Akkor a nap világosabban nézhet ki. :)   (Ok.  I “Mom” had to use Google translate which isn’t the most accurate.  Here goes…. Do not be afraid of the future.  Though it can be difficult when you have a lot of trials, always count your blessings.  You can then see the day clearly.)

From that one guy who has the blonde hair and blue eyes with a Hungarian last name that is constantly told, 'Do you know that's a girl’s name?'

Magda Elder

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