Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Big Things Have Been Happening This Week!

October 28, 2013
Why helllloooooooo! 

For the above welcome, if anyone is familiar with The Office, the episode where Stanly has a heart attack and Michael has a 'Stress Management' hour and Stanly has a little stress management beeper to alert him when his stress his picking up and Michael walks up to him and is like 'Helllloooooooo!' and the beeper goes off. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, I don't know if anyone knows which episode I am referring to, but that's what's stuck in my head right now. I know Alisha will get it if no one else does. :) 

Big things have been happening this week. Well, at least one big thing, which is that we were able to put one of our investigators on bap date for December 28th! Kewl, right? We were sure thrilled when it happened. The person that we gave it to is freaking awesome! I love this person to bits! She is somewhere in her 40's, I think, but has the personality of someone who would be in their mid-20's. Every time we go over there she knows how to put a smile on our faces. And, in fact, she has said that we also have the same effect on her. She has told us countless of times that whenever we come over to visit her that the problems or concerns that she has in life seem to just evaporate when we are with her and she always looks forward to us meeting with her.

We have been meeting with her for a little more than 2 months I believe and she has been progressing wonderfully.   Last week we specifically talked about the Spirit and recognizing it in our lives and how we can have it with us always. This week we decided to talk more about baptism, since we already had before some weeks ago, and decided to bring one of the members with us. Before I go into this, this is the first program where I felt really comfortable with everything, mostly language wise. As we started the program she brought up a few things that she was going through in her life that made me and my companion think of taking it a different direction and talking about something else. But as my companion was offering the prayer, I had this strong confirmation that we were meant to talk about baptism. I love those feelings! So we continued to talk about baptism and the member who we brought was perfect! She explained some of the doctrines super well! Better than I could have in Hungarian, that's for sure. As the program was going, she straight up said 'You know, I never said I wasn't willing to be baptized.' Shocked, I had to have her repeat what she said. After her clarifying what she said, I was just like 'Well, is this something that you are wanting to do' 'Yeah' 'So will you be baptized as Christ was?' She said,'Yeah!' Then the date came for December 28th and she accepted it! Pretty kewl, right? I thought so. Both my companion and I were super stoked after the program. Hopefully the member wasn't weireded out by our big grins. :) 

Besides that, we have had some good times getting lost, biking up huge hills that exhausted me to death almost and running into people who tell you that Americans are bad people. But, hey, nothing could bring us down after having a terrific program this week. :) 

Unfortunately this email is going to be cut short because I had some internet troubles earlier which took up some of my time. But I at least wanted to tell you about the program that we had this week. My word though, Trunk or Treat sounds like it was fantastic! Along with World War Z party. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing that when I get home, along with some other movies that I have missed ha ha.
Alrighty, enjoy your week this week and let the spirit guide! 

Magda Elder

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