Monday, October 14, 2013

Hey! I'm on TV!!!!

Elder Magda and Elder Sterri on splits!  Notice all of the toiletries.  At least they are clean and fresh!

October 14, 2013

Tényleg? Már hétfő van? Hű, ezt nem hiszem el! (Really? Already Monday?  Wow I can’t believe it!)

Hi, I'm Elder Magda and I have a short message that I would like to share with you all. It's not very long, maybe 5 minutes, but I know it will bring a smile to your face and can change your life. In fact, this message is on a video that I would like to share with you. Would you have a few minutes to spare? Awesome! Here it is!

(This is his mom.  I have had quite some trouble getting this link to play more than 55 seconds of the 5 minute news story.  I downloaded “Safari for Windows” (as this is an Apple computer search engine, I think) and was finally able to watch the whole clip.  Blake is shown about halfway into the story teaching an English class.  He is also interviewed and talks about his grandfather being from Hungary and how much his mission in that country means to him.  He rattles off in Hungarian like a PRO!!!)

So if you havn't gone to the above link yet, you should. Why? Because this guy was on TV last Saturday around the whooooollllleeee country! That's right! Totally being humble about it! But, seriously, it was such a surprise to hear from the members of the branch yesterday 'Hey! You were on TV last night!' Took me by total surprise because I had forgot that I had done that and I thought it would have been aired already. Kewl thing is that it also has Christensen in the video streeting, studying and playing basketball! Totally sick! It was way kewl that they put us up on national TV. Hopefully it'll encourage people to be more willing to talk to us. :) 
Eating some pék from a pékség (rolls from the bakery)

Basically, this week has been filled with work! We have been working our butts off and loving it! We have had quite a bit of people that have been progressing and are taking the lessons really well and a lot more that are re setting up with us and are willing to talk to us. And, even then, we are having a blast talking to people even if they slam the door in our face. Just throw in a little smile in there right before they close it, ha ha. From this last week we are looking forward to this week being better and busier. One of our investigators has a bap date for November and has been progressing really well. Right now we are teaching her about some of the commandments and she has been really accepting. She also loves coming to church and enjoying the talks and lessons that are given there. Super sweet investigator! We also had a kewl experience tracting this week. We went to look up someone from the area book in a 10 story building and it turned out that the person wasn't home. But we felt like we should just do the whole building since we had a lot of time. Well, we got 1 new investigator, 2 referrals AND a program set up from just us talking at the door! Gold mine!! It definitely made our day that's for sure.  Things have been turning up and the work is just getting brighter and brighter. 
Caught eating some gyros and having some Ginger Beer. So good!Oh, and the teddy bear in the picture is Mr Ruggles. He's our little travel buddy. :)
 Found someone with our last name! Didn't open the door though...

For a little report from last week’s járvany (epidemic….I think he meant “infestation”….) with the bugs, things have been getting a little better. Dead bugs haven’t littered our floor so much as it has in the past. But, I will tell you though, there was one day that I got up and got ready for the morning and came back to my bed and I wanted to check the far side of it because sometimes I may find a few dead bugs that had turned over and perished during the night. No joke, the biggest cockroach of my life was lying dead on its back on the side of my bed. I just thought to myself 'Glad it didn't crawl up on my bed and died on me I guess' ha ha. Isn't this apartment just so grand?! But seriously, I love it. It makes for some interesting experiences and memories, especially after having been stuck in it for 4 days. 

I do want to thank Alisha for the letters that she sent. I just got them this week. I cannot tell you how humbled I was to get the notepad of letters that you had done. I should be sending a letter to you this week, along with Ash as well. They'll be getting a letter in the mail. :) And I would also like to thank Sister Marshall for the package of Reese's and Peanut Butter that she sent. I loved it! I was so surprised to get that in the mail. Thank you so much! It was just what I needed.

So I hope the video uplink that I included takes up a good portion of what you would be reading on this page, because I'm gonna cut this short. Just in short: Things are picking up, the works moving forward, the apartment is being cleansed of kritters and I'm loving this last part of my mission. I'm at my best and I'm goin’ out there! 

 Eating some palacsintas!  Again, "Mr. Ruggles" (the teddy bear) joins them.

Sok szeretettel, (Lots of Love,)
Magda Elder

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