Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What's Up?

October 22, 2013

The translation for the above welcoming will probably be weird in Google translate, but they use it as slang for 'what's up' apparently. Go figure. :P 

Sorry for this email being a day late. We had a mini transfer this week (don't know if I mentioned that in any of my emails before) so our p day was moved to today for this week. For yeerrr alls information, nothin's happen to me or Elder Shoop, which we were kind of hoping with the work going as well as it is. But there will be an official transfer in 3 weeks, so we'll probably get switched up during that one. Unfortunately though, the other companionship had a change. Elder Sterri has been transferred to Kecskemét and another newer missionary is coming in his stead. We were super bummed to hear that! We all love Sterri and we all wanted Eger to stay the same at least till the official transfer. My Sacramento buddy is moving on. Sad :( But he's going to be getting a kewl companion there, who is actually from Placerville, so that'll be neat for him. 

That stinks that the video was having some troubles. I'm glad that you are able to see it though! It was super weird having that happen because I thought to myself 'Hey, I've acted plenty of times and had to stand in front of an entire audience and give monologues and stuff. This should be cake!' Then when they put the camera in front of me, it dawned on me that this was in Hungarian and all of that theater experience drained away ha ha. Tell Granddad for me that I've been working hard specifically for when I come home so that we can have our 'secret conversations' in our 'secret language' Heh heh heh, senki nem fogja megérteni, amit mondunk buahahahaha. (No one will understand what we are saying buahahahaha!) Oh, and Mr. Ruggles is a little teddy bear that Elder Sterri found in his apartment and it is now his little buddy that he carries around with him everywhere. He's our district mascot ha ha! But since Sterri is leaving, that also means Mr. Ruggles is leaving too. Mer :( Sad sad day. This time I actually went and had someone do it. I hate cutting my own hair! It always looks gross after I do it! I've fallen into the same mistake of doing it 3 times since I've been here because I didn't want to pay for a haircut and they are for sure going down as part of the worst decisions of my life. I mean, go back and look at those pictures again from when I did it myself. Felháboritóan nézett ki! (It looks outrageous!) Poor life decisions right there. 

Alright, for some things that happened this week. First off, it is official as of this past Tuesday, October 15, that we are to wear suits every day until April 15. Definitely no smile came from this guy right here when that was announced. It's still hot! Secondly, October 15 was also Elder Headrick's birthday! Weird, huh? It's been a year! His group of elders that he came with on his mission is actually going home this week, but since he had to come home and have surgery and then come back a few months later he won't be going with them. He's kewl about it though. Thirdly, work this week didn't go as great as we planned it to be, but it still went pretty well. Found some kewl people from streeting in the park and this week seems to look like an upswing from this last week. That'll be nice. :) And fourthly, this is the story that I've been waiting to tell you all about. 

Do any of you remember the email I sent you from when I was serving in Békéscsaba and a downpour came and I got drenched? Well a similar story happened, except more miserable. Wednesday I went on splits with Elder Vanderpool and we had the day planned to be outside most of the day streeting and stuff. When we woke up it sounded like it was raining a little bit outside. To our horror, as we opened the blinds, it was a downpour. And this is one wasn't one that let up. What made it even more depressing was that I was at Elder Vanderpool's apartment instead of mine, meaning all my stuff was at my place, and I didn't prepare for it to rain....Luckily I found a jacket that someone left behind which I threw on and crossed my fingers that it would last me for the day. I quickly realized that crossing fingers is a big hoax. The jacket that I wore, which said was 'water proof', quickly became 'Water proof: if sprinkled on for 5 minutes'. No wonder the elder who had it left it behind. By the end of the day, both me and Vanderpool were absolutely drenched! And the worse part about it was that it was like that for the entire day! Unlike in Békéscsaba where it was a storm that came out of nowhere and stopped after a few hours, this one just kept going and going and going. Rain is not missionaries’ best friend. Both of us agreed that we would rather have it snow than rain, since snow will bounce off of you or just stick on the outside rather than just seep through all of your clothes. Thanks időjárás! (weather) But it was fun nonetheless. It definitely made for a memorable day.

That was my week mostly. Alisha's talk sounded like it must have been fun to listen to. I would have loved to have been there! Heather D. is getting married?!?! I don't remember this! That's crazy! I remember us being in primary and her and me always arguing with one another. Dang, that's way weird. Tell her that I congratulate her and hope that everything goes for the best for them. Megan's going to New York?! Whaaaat?! That's intense! When does she leave?? Tell her I say congrats! Dad got Battlefield 4?!?! AAAHHHHHH!!! He's gotta tell me all about it! I've heard here and there about some of the stuff that was being put in it and I can't wait to try it when I get home. And the 49ers are rockin it! Yeah! Keep it up! I know this is random, but give Ricky a shout out for me, will you? I thought about him this week for some reason and I've only gotten a little letter from him when he was at home with you guys and they were writing letters for me. Tell him he should email me some time! I'd love to hear how he's doing. 

Alrighty, that's all I have for this week. Tell the dogs I tell them to behave and that I love 'em. I love you all and I'm loving it out here. Thank you for all of your support and love. Keep on having a great week! 

A nagy kutyától.  (The BIG DOG)
Magda Elder

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