Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Church is True, The Book is Blue, and I am Elder Magda!

November 12, 2013
And thus it begins, 

A new dawn, a new era is born. But, before I even go into my news and story, let me start off with something important. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FROM ALL OF ME TO YOU! I WISH IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY, SO I CAN PARTY TOO, HEY!  I couldn't remember the last part, so hopefully that makes sense also, ha ha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEIGH!!! I hope you don't think I forgot, because I didn't! I was thinking of including it in my email last week, but it would have been a week early and so I decided to do it today. I know that it's technically a day late, but I was definitely thinking about you yesterday. In fact, we had cleaning inspections by the senior couple here yesterday and told them 'Guess what! My sister is 20 today!' Random for them, but I needed to say it because It still is shocking to think that you're 20. Goodness gracious time is flying! I hope you had a great birthday and next year I will be home to celebrate it with you. :) 
P-day Shenanigans!  Playing "Settlers of Catan"

In relation to transfers, there has been a change. For my companion, he is leaving and going to Szolnok to be with Elder Shuck, who is technically my son because I'm his mom. He's sad to be leaving Eger because this is his first area and he has done a lot here, but he is excited also to be going to a new area and working there. I am staying, on the other hand, and I'm getting an elder that I have wanted to serve with ever since he came into the mission. Elder Gaytán!!! You have no idea how stoked I am to be getting him! He is actually in the same group as Heather. He was the first group that I took to the Bureau as a secretary. That's where we had a bro bonding session and we both said that it would be a miracle if both of us would serve together in the future. And look what's happenin!!! Ahhh man, I can't even begin to explain how awesome it's going to be, also I don't have very much time to either unfortunately. But, just in short, we're going to love it!

So this week has been one of the most fulfilling weeks of my entire mission. I never expected to have such a week as I had in my entire mission! I knew that when I came here that I could have one of those missions where work is slim and I will have to be working and finding all the time and still may get nothing. And I know that there are those missionaries that have missions like that in this mission and around the world. I was willing to accept a mission that could be rough at times. But this week showed me that there really are people out there, prepared and are waiting to hear the message. We have found so many people these last few weeks and this week was chalked full of work! We have amazing progressing investigators and have also been finding couples, youth and families that are open to hear the gospel!! I have gone my whole mission having maybe one of those in a matter of 3-4 transfers! And this week I think I may have beaten all of that! This week we were able to meet with one of our investigators who we were only planning on giving him a small baptism challenge and to just think about him being baptized and to pray about it. But, we were inspired to give him 2 Nephi 31 the program before and when we met with him this week he opened up to us and said that he was baptized as a little baby and he didn't even ask to and doesn't even know what it meant to him and he asked if it was possible to be baptized again. We were shocked! Astounded! We discussed with him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end, with awesome questions and promptings, I felt that we should give him a date for January 4th, and he smiled and willingly accepted it! And then at the end of the program he said the closing prayer, which he hasn't done yet!! The room was filled with the spirit! It was incredible! And it was such a beautiful experience for both me and Elder Shoop. It was such a blessing to just be in that room and to feel the warmth and power of the Holy Ghost. I cannot deny what I felt in that room. It was, for a fact, there. There were more programs this week where both my companion have been asked something or as we were teaching, something came to our minds and we acted upon it. It is marvelous how the Spirit works! It is magnificent! I just love my mission, and I can't wait to see what is in store for us. 

Well, my time is running short, but I will answer the questions that you asked me and send you some pictures to make up for the lack of meat in my email. :)

1. To prospective missionaries, all I have to say to you to prepare you for your future mission is choose now to love your mission, even before you set foot into the MTC, or even before you get your call, love it! And that love will grow even greater as you are where you are to serve. And start working now! Don't think you have to wait till you are there and have a tag on. I have seen the fruits of the Gospel blessing the lives of my friends and loved ones as I shared the Gospel before I started my mission, and it was such a great preparation. Start now! Ne halógass! (Do not delay!)

2. If there was something more I wish I had done, it would have been to really read PMG. (Preach My Gospel) I just skimmed it when I was at home and really didn't take head of the stuff that was in there, but it would have meant so much more to me if I had done that more and had set the time to read that along with my scripture study. 

3. Ok, funniest thing was last week Monday. As a missionary, P-days are your greatest friends. They just make you feel relaxed, you get to email and have a little fun to prepare you for the week. This past p-day we had some programs that were kind of far from each other, so we used our bikes (cause we normally walk) to get from place to place. We had everything timed really well, and we were heading to our first program and I looked at my watch and thought to myself 'Alright, everything is going well, if we do this right, p day is going to be awesome.' Seconds after I thought that, I hear my name 'MAGDA!' from my companion behind me on his bike. Fear struck my spine, because I knew that it wasn't a good 'MAGDA!' but one of destruction of a P-day. I looked back and he looked at me and said' My tire blew'. My heart sunk so fast! Ha ha, just at the thought of our whole day being shot! It was like when He said my name, a clay pigeon was flung into the air, and when he said 'My tire blew' the shooter pulled the trigger and blasted the clay pigeon into bits. For the first few moments I was just like 'WHHHHHYYYYY?!?!' But after a few minutes, we just looked back and laughed. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. It did kind of take a lot of our p-day away, but we still made it good. But I think that was one of the more funny things that happened to us this week. 
Ok, the Landlord came to put in the shower holder and we thought what he meant by that was it would be up top like you normally see in america where the water comes down on top of you. Well, when he meant holder, he certainly meant a holder because he put it down WAY low and it just did not make sense. So I had to take a picture of it.

4.  I still have to say eating brain is the craziest thing I have eaten thus far. That is still super gross! BLECH! Hopefully that never happens again. Thanks Békéscsaba! 
A food staple

Gospel is true, the Book is Blue, and my name is Magda Elder signing out saying 'Hallo!'

Magda Elder

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