Monday, November 18, 2013

This Week Has Skyrocketed to AWESOMENESS!

November 18, 2013
“Yeah, how bout you tell them about operation.....Ku-sum-wii”

I hope someone figures out where this quote comes from. Because if you do... :)

Greetings one and all!
My little Spartan
Basically this week has just sky rocketed to absolutely awesomeness! I don't even know where to begin! Let’s start with my new companion, because he deserves it. 

Elder Gaytán. Nuff said....Ok, I guess I'll add some more info in there. He hails from the land of Mesa, Arizona and he is a member of the 'Old Guard' as mom puts it, being that he came on his mission when he was 19. He was actually in the same group as Heather in the MTC. He says one of the main things that he remembers about her is that she said that she has a battle axe at home. Yup, that's her for sure! Get this though, he has 7 siblings. Why is it that I get all the people who have like a billion siblings?!?! Every time we meet with a new investigator I'll be like 'Oh, I only have 2 sisters' with a nice reply 'That's nice. And how bout you? How many do you have?' 'Oh, have 7' And they flip out and just adore him! Ha ha, it doesn't bother me, but I just find it funny how I always end up with the big familied companion. Other things about him: He's half Mexican, half Portuguese; he wants to be a journalist or business man when he goes home; he's a movie quoting machine, which is sad for me cause I was usually better than all my other companions at it; he also played rugby in high school, and we both are having the time of our lives right now. My goodness I have not laughed so hard in so long! I don't know what it is, but we laugh at the smallest and dumbest things and there have been times where I can hardly breathe, ha ha! It's been so great. 

Next off, one of our investigators was baptized this weekend and I had the privilege of baptizing and confirming her. It was such an awesome experience! Plus she was totally ready and prepared for it. She was found in July and has been progressing super well ever since then. She loves the Book of Mormon and she has said that she has seen how much of change the Gospel has made on her life and how she is grateful for the missionaries in tracting into her and sharing the gospel. There was a point when we gave her a priesthood blessing to help her in giving up coffee and she had me give it and afterwards she said that she felt super warm inside and that she could certainly feel the Spirit in the room and the next time we met with her she had been doing a lot better with coffee and hadn't been drinking.
Baptism Day in Eger
Then at the baptism she was so happy and afterwards I could only see strength and happiness radiate from her. And when I gave her the Gift of the Holy Ghost I just allowed my mind to be open to the Spirit and just said whatever I felt was right and afterwards she shook my hand and told me that it was exactly what she needed to hear. I didn't think anything of it, but I know that I was speaking that I felt a warmth throughout my body and I knew that what I was saying was right, or that it was according to the Spirit. This weekend has been a spiritual high and I am absolutely blessed to have been able to be a part of teaching such a tremendous person. Already she is going to be a great strength to the branch and in blessing other people’s lives. I am excited to see the Lord bless her and her family’s life.

Lastly, I would like to thank you guys for the package that you sent me. It came in so fast! I didn't expect to get it so fast! President attended our baptism on Saturday and brought the mail with him and told me 'Well, I have a nice package for you in the back of my car.' Totally caught me off guard, but I was super excited after I opened it and found all of the goodies that were in it. (Ok, little mom note here:  I wrapped these things in CHRISTMAS PAPER hoping he would get the hint and open it on CHRISTMAS!!!!  nope)  My companion too was excited since you had stuff for him. He says that he loved it and the hats were genius, thank you so much! We had some fun taking pictures that night, so I'll include some pictures of our night of fun with the elf hats.
Christmas Elves waitng with awe and wonder for Santa.

I also want to thank you for the Springbok Scarf!!! OH MY WORD I was so stoked to get that! It's amazingly nice and I cannot explain to you the biggest grin that I had when I saw it. Was that from dad? Please tell him I love it so much and I'm looking forward to wearing it with my jersey the next time we watch a Springboks match. Plus, my companion is a rugby player and was super surprised when he saw that I was a Bokas fan. Thank you so much you guys! I loved it so much—especially the candy and peanut butter. Thank you, Sister Marshall for putting those in the package. :D BTW, the little envelope that says 'Don't open till Christmas' has been really tempting me. I'm going to wait till Christmas, but it definitely tempting to open, ha ha. 
A nice, normal picture of Elder Magda and the Springbok scarf.

....and this is the REAL Elder Magda!
To answer some questions—one of the weirdest things that someone has said to me as we were at their door? Ha ha, I think my favorite would be that I asked this guy the question 'If you could ask God one question, what would that be?' and the guy said 'What is your favorite ice cream flavor?' Ha ha ha, I just busted up laughing inside! I don't know if I would say that is weird, but it was sure funny to hear. I would like to know that answer to that question too! It's just not the most important one to be asking right now ha ha. Your next question was ‘What is considered a large family in Hungary?’ A large family I would say is having 3-4 kids. It's hard for them to imagine having more than that. ‘Do many people in Hungary speak English?’ Most people can speak a tad bit of English, or at least the basics. But it's rare to run into someone that is pretty fluent, or at least here in Eger. 

Alrighty ya'll, this week has been great with a wonderful Spirit and we are looking forward to our first full week together workin' hard! I will send letters out! I promise! I'm already trying to make up from my terribleness in the past! Don't hate me, ok! :P

I love you all! Be strong and of good courage! 

Magda Elder

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