Monday, December 2, 2013

Mosiah 18 and Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

December 2, 2013
Greetings friends and family,

Here is this week’s “guess-that-movie/guess-that-actor” challenge! 

'Magnum? Latigra? Blue Steel? It's all one look!! IT'S ALL ONE LOOK!! I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!!!!!'

Hopefully you guys have all guessed it by now. If not........Szégyeljétek magatok! (Be ashamed of yourselves!)
Thanksgiving in Eger with the senior couple and elders.
Ok, I'm going to start with the questions first this week and then see where we are at by that time because I'm quite short on it this week (as I always am). But, hey, at least it's an email from the Magyar lands! :D 

1. What kind of movies/TV shows do Hungarian’s like to watch?  Are there any big Hungarian stars?  Honestly, I have no idea what kind of movies/TV shows that are big here. Ha ha, we don't watch TV, so I wouldn't really know. From what I've heard though from investigators and members there are maybe one or two shows that are pretty famous here, but they say that they are terrible and they don't understand why people watch them. They mostly watch American films and TV shows translated for them, but there are a lot of people that don't like watching translated films and stuff because it's just weird to see people still talking or not talking at all and the translation is already over or they are still going. I don't know of any famous Hungarian actors either, so, you're outta luck there too, ha ha. 

2. What is a typical Hungarian breakfast?  (Do they eat cereal?)  Hungarian breakfast that's typical.......hmmmm.......they have their style of Hungarian pancakes, which are basically like our 'South African Pancakes' back home. Basically they are like crêpes. They also eat cereal and stuff like that as well, but it's a tad more expensive here and there's not that much variety like in the states. 

3. What, in your opinion, is one of the most popular Hungarian desserts?  Popular Hungarian dessert, gosh, I don't know. Ha ha, I couldn't tell you to be honest. Sorry, but I can't think of some of the desserts that I've eaten a lot. :P 
Poppy seed and pecan nut Beigli
Blake's mom looked up a few desserts that are quite popular in Hungary.  It's a shame Elder Magda hasn't been fortunate enough to enjoy them yet.  The Magda family's all time favorite dessert is beigli. (BAY-GLEE)
Beigli from the bakery
It is a Hungarian Christmas cake with poppy seed or pecan filling.  It looks as though there are other fillings as well, but those are the ones we like.  Blake's Hungarian great-grandmother was well known for her beigli.  When she emigrated to South Africa, she spent hours preparing it and selling it to the Hungarian community there.  When anyone went there for a visit, "Kinny's" beigli would make it back in there suitcases. 

Another dessert is
Mákos guba (“MACK-OSH GOOBA”)
Mákos gubam (much like bread pudding with poppyseeds and sugar)
It is a popular Hungarian dessert made from pieces of bread soaked in milk or custard (often infused with vanilla) and topped off with heaping mounds of mák(poppy seeds) and sugar. Traditionally a Christmas dessert, but there’s no reason not to eat it year-round.

 Next, we have gesztenyepüré, a chestnut puree that is very popular in Hungary.
gesztenyepüré  (pureed chestnuts)
szilvás gombóc (plum dumplings)

4. Are there many farms in that country?  Which cities are more “farming” communities?  There are a bunch of small villages outside of the main cities and even farther out in the middle of nowhere and there are definite farmers within them. 
Kolbász (sausage)
For which cities are more farming cities, I couldn't tell you, but I know that Békéscsaba and Gulya are really well known for their Kolbász (sausage), which I would say is my favorite kind. It's so good!

5. What was the funniest thing that happened to you this week?  Funniest thing that happened to me this week. of the member families that we visited this week said that I looked like a bum with the beanie that I was wearing. Ha ha, I don't know how that came about, but the daughter saw me putting on my beanie and, for the record I wasn't finished putting it on when she said this so it was in a weird style, she was like 'Hey dad, doesn't he look like a bum with this beanie on?' Kewl, right? Thanks guys! Ha ha

I honestly have no time at all to email this week. I was the last one in line to email on the one computer that 5 missionaries share and in the middle of my emailing I had to translate for a meeting for the senior couple here for an hour and now I'm basically out of time. P-days in Eger... What do you do?
Went and saw a basketball game with some of the kids that we meet with here. It was way fun to watch. We'll see if they get into the pros. :)
Kewl sword in front of a restaraunt called Excalibur. Tried pulling it out. I won't tell you the results because it would blow your mind......or because it didn't work. But, I didn't tell you that.
Our investigator Gábor. He has an impressive teddy bear collection.
So I'll send some pictures for you all to see how the week was in snip it’s through pictures. It was a really fun week. Investigators are accepting our message and we have been able to see their lives change through keeping the commandments, and the best part of it is that they can see it too.

Also, if you read Mosiah 18, check out verses 18-20. I had a little epiphany when I read those concerning ethos-pathos-logos. I would have liked to have talked about it more in detail, but I hope that you can read these verses and kind of see where I'm getting at. Compare 'authority' to ethos, 'teaching' with logos and 'preaching' with pathos. It was a pretty kewl study to have and I talked about it with my companion and we had a fun discussion. Hopefully you have fun reading them and seeing the connections that I found. Well, I hope you find the connections, ha ha. 

Anyways, I love you all, next week is transfers (long story why it's so soon) but next week I will be emailing you all on Tuesday. We'll see what happens to me! Maybe back to Pécs? (That would be my dream, ha ha) 
The Elders of Eger


That guy who's serving in the small city of Eger that is now decorated with ornaments and stuff and is filled with people and has walked the city back and forth probably a billion times by now. Yeah, that guy................

Magda Elder

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