Monday, January 6, 2014

Boldog Új Évet Kivánok! (or...Happy New Year!)

January 6, 2014
To all you little readers out there,

In answer to the question of whether or not this week’s quote is from an SNL skit with Chris Farley in it.......the answer is yes! Right on the money! Congratulations! You get the opportunity of reading another hilarious quote! Great prize, right? Here we go! Hint: They are both from one movie.

'And when we find out that you're guilty, we're going to lock you up and throw you in the Federal Reserve!'
'He doesn't understand the concept.'

Different Scene

'Stop. Humming. That. Song!'
'Alright, fine, I will.'
*a little later* 
'Stop smiling like that!'
'Now you're telling me to control my emotions? That, I will not do.'   (His mom is totally stumped..)

This week has been quite the busy one for us being that it was New Years and everything. First off, we just got a new 1st counselor to the branch president, who is the senior couple elder here, which has made it more interesting for us since he can't speak Hungarian so we have to translate for him. For example, on New Year’s Eve, for an hour or so we started his training and teaching him what his responsibilities are. My goodness did my mind want to explode! I love the senior couple here, but there were phrases or expressions that the elder would use that had no translation whatsoever in Hungarian. I felt like a deer in the headlights a few times. But for the most part I was really comfortable with what he had me translate, and some of it was tough stuff. And the guy that we have for a new 1st counselor is awesome! For his first week with this new calling he has taking it like a champ. 

By the way, did I tell you guys that I'm technically the branch clerk here? Pretty kewl, right? The missionaries here have been kind of the backbone of the branch here for a while, but we've been making it a goal to train the branch to start functioning by itself more and more and it's been working tremendously well! Especially now having a 1st counselor to the branch presidency. That was a huge step here. Ha ha, I didn't think I'd be a first counselor in the branch presidency in Békéscsaba nor a branch clerk in Eger within my mission. You do some interesting stuff on a mission, that's for sure. 

After having the training with the member we went over to the senior couples for New Year’s Eve and had American pancakes and played board and card games. It was way fun! I absolutely love playing board games and it was some fun to look forward to as well. We also went out with one of our investigators that night to check out some of the fireworks that they had. Last year I told you that it was kind of like a war happening outside with explosions and stuff. That didn't change. There were people everywhere in the main square! It was absolutely crazy! We thought that there was going to be a legit firework show, but it ended up being just random people lighting off their fireworks at midnight. We had fun with our investigator, but there were some crazy things going on, so we headed back inside afterwards. We actually saw a fight starting to happen between these teenagers. We noticed it and were like 'Well, that’s our cue to leave'. Thank goodness for the Word of Wisdom! Definitely saw the blessings of living that commandment that night. The real crappy part about that night though was that we live right on the main walking street, which is in direct connection with the main square, resulting in an inabillity to sleep that night because of the craziness and loud ruckus going on outside. Probably only got 2-3 hours of sleep that night. But it's mindegy. (“all the same”  he doesn’t realize he’s sticking Hungarian words in here and there…)

On New Year's Day we hung out with the other elders and played board games and stuff and had more waffles (probably our main breakfast now-a-days) then went out and played football for a little bit in the park. It was sad seeing how fast it took me to get winded. I'm so out of shape! We made it a goal this week to exercise this week. We'll see how that one flies. That night was probably the most fun part of the day. We went over to our investigators' house, a man and his wife, and made tacos for them. These are the investigators who have been to America before and speak basically perfect English. They said a while back that they love Mexican food, so we took that as a challenge to bring them some 'as close to Mexican food' with the Hungarian ingredients that we have here. It was soooo good! And the best part was that they loved it too! We had so much fun with them. We hung out with them for most of the night talking about basically everything. They even showed us some pictures of them when they were in Las Vegas and some of the places that they visited. They had a picture of them outside of an In-N-Out which got me a tad bit trunky for a 4x4, ha ha. I don't know if I ever told you how we found them. It was actually my very first day I came to Eger. We met him before we even got off the train. He heard us speaking in English as we were getting my luggage off and he decided to help us and he asked us where we were from and it went into a conversation and we ended up starting to meet with them in the following weeks. They are an awesome family! I love them to death! We are actually going to go with them in a few hours to a restaurant to celebrate his birthday. It's going to be delicious! 

Another kewl thing that I got to do this week was go on splits with Elder Judd from my MTC group, who is also from Fairfield! It was way kewl to serve with him for the day. We got talking about how long it's been since we were in the MTC and how far we have come and also about how fast the end of our missions is coming and that we will both be going home on the same flight. We both said, at the beginning of our missions, that Hungarian was going to kick our butt in the field, which it has, but after working together for the day, it was crazy to see how far we have come in the language and in teaching. We had a really great program that morning of our splits together with one of our investigators and the woman that we were meeting with absolutely loves us and loves learning everything that we teach her. That morning we taught her about obedience and the 10 commandments, which she already follows, but as we explained to her about the blessings of being obedient and sharing with her Mosiah 2:41, she explained to us that when she first met with us she could see the difference of happiness and brightness that we had among the rest of the people that she knows and it's something that she wants to have along with her family. After the program Elder Judd and I talked about the program and we were both impressed with how well we taught together. It was such a great reunion! And a great one to have for that day and the people that we met with because they enjoyed having us teach them.  

We are, as a matter of fact, going to have a baptism this weekend for one of our investigators. We found this girl about a month ago and she was absolutely awesome! She started meeting with us and she said that everything interested her and, in no time at all, she committed to being baptized for this weekend. She actually had her baptismal interview when Elder Judd was here and we both felt that she was definitely ready to be baptized. But the best part about it is that she is the one that's excited, and she shows it. Yesterday, for example, she actually went and bore her testimony in sacrament meeting. It was so powerful! For only having a few weeks of meeting with us, she already knows that these things are true. She is certainly prepared by the Lord and it is something that we have seen every time we have met with her. We are excited for this Saturday! Elder Gaytán will be baptizing her and I will be giving her the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It's going to be awesome!

We had a lot of other kewl programs this week, but unfortunately time doesn't really permit to have me explain them all. But, I will say, they were all fabulous! Spiritually incredible! If you want to know more about certain weeks in my mission that I didn't have time to explain, ask me when I come home! I would love to elaborate more. :) 

Anywhoodle, that's this week. I didn't really take any pictures this week, but I'll send what I have to give the blog some sparkle.

I love you all! Vigyázzatok (“watch”) yourselves and BÚÉK (abbreviation for Boldog Új Évet Kivánok which means Happy New Year!)

The Blakester

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