Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Last Transfer

February 18, 2014
Hey Everybody!

And thus it begins; the beginning of the last transfer. It's pretty freaky, I must say, actually knowing that I am actually going home soon. Cause up until this point I thought it was some sort of fickle imagination of my mind saying that I would go home someday but really I would be here forever. I actually wouldn't be too mad about it, but there is still that other part of me that is looking forward to coming home. We'll stay clear of that topic for a while now.

So, on to the results of the transfer. So, in short, I am dying here in Eger (dying is slang in missionary language for 'going home'). But that's not the weird thing that happened. We all assumed that I was just going to stay and die here in Eger, but we were also thinking that everyone else would stay too. Reasons: Elder Flake (my companion), I just got him last transfer and it would make sense for him to just kill me (more missionary language for 'the companion that serves with you as you go home') and then go senior companion as I leave. Elder De Vries, just got here as well, had surgery this last week on his hernia and was told not to be moving heavy luggage around for the next month or so and probably would stay. Elder Dellenbach, because his companion can't help with luggage carrying he too would stay and all would be happy in the land of Eger..........such a result did not happen. Instead, both my companion and Elder De Vries are going to Szombathely and I am just moving in with Elder Dellenbach! WHAAAATTT?!?! Crazy!  Elder Flake and I were so bummed when we got the call. Of course I was glad to hear that I was staying because that was what I was hoping for, but I really wanted to be with Flake till the end. Super sad. Plus he was really getting along with the branch here and we have been having a blast together....quite sad, like I've said before. And then De Vries is leaving, which was a super weird one with him having the surgery. So we are going to help him along with my companion getting his luggage to Budapest on the train. So that'll be fun.
The little dog I tried to get a picture of wouldn't cooperate.
But I am looking forward to serving with Elder Dellenbach. He and I have been serving around each other for 4 1/2 months now and we just got out of a threesome together last week and now were back! I don't think I mentioned it already, but they actually closed the other companionship down here in Eger.
Success!  A little Hungarian doggie
There have been two companionships (sets of elders) up until now, but as of today there is only one companionship. SO now we have both companionship’s work put together and it's going to be one heck of a week! Included with that is trying to find another apartment for us to live in because our landlord sold our apartment to someone else.  We have till March. Go figure that I would have to be searching for an apartment right before I leave. Well la dee friggen daaaaa! Life is loads of fun on the mission. :) 

Anyways, this week was pretty busy. Not as busy as last weeks, but it was still busy enough to keep us going. Friday was Valentine's Day and we actually went to Miskolc (another city where missionaries are) to have a Zone training, which was really kewl. One being that 2 other people from my MTC group were there and we got to see how well everyone was doing with getting ready to go home soon. Second being that we had a really kewl training from the Zone Leaders about companions and the importance of them and how we should treat them as we are serving for two years. It was fun because we related it to them being our 'valentines' and listed stuff that we would want to see in a companion and how we should strive to work together and doing the work. It was really fun and everyone enjoyed the training. We then had, later on, our game night which, as usual, was super fun! Everyone has such a great time there. Plus, I actually did get your package mom this week and we wore the ties that you put in there for Valentine’s Day. Everyone got a kick out of it! Thank you so much for the package! Both my companion and I were really grateful for it. 
Valentine's Zone Meeting 
Work-wise, we were able to put another person on bap date this week. It's actually the son of the woman that I baptized in November. He's 10 years old and is such a fun kid. He's a little bit shy, but we talked to him about baptism this last week and we committed him to prepare for baptism for March 8th. We're excited for him and for his mom. We also had an awesome program this week with one of our couples that we've been meeting with since I've been here. They are progressing amazingly! It's been so wonderful to still stay here and be able to see their progression in the Gospel. They have been reading through the Book of Mormon and have been starting to pray, which is something entirely new for them, and I can't even put it into words how great it is to see their faith grow. We asked them if they could see themselves being members in the church, which they responded with yes but they said that they want to be 100% confident in themselves that they are going to endure to the end. They told us that it is so different for them to see the way we think and that that is what is the most difficult thing for them to do is change their way of thought that they have had for their whole lives. We shared with them Moroni 6:3 which says that those who entered into the church of God covenanted to serve Christ to the end.  That is the core of the way we think. Every other thing we do or how we act is according to that one thought/desire in our minds 'I will serve my Savior and King till the very end'. It is when we establish that way of thinking that other things will come together. 
Someone must have said, "No more food for you!"

Unfortunately that was all I have to write about my week. I know there isn't much in the email about it, but it really was a good week. I could go days and days and days about each program that we had, but, one, that would take too long and, two, it will be way better to tell you guys in person when I come home. Plus I have all my planners that I have used throughout my mission which can help me remember what we taught each investigator for the week. 

It is unbelievably kewl to hear that Chris is a dad!! I can't believe it!! I remember him getting married a few months after I had started my misison! That is so uber uber kewl!! Tell him and his wife I say congrats!! It's also weird to hear that the Olympics are happening. I just arrived into the country when the summer Olympics started and now the winter ones are starting right as a I am about to come home. Friggen sweet! I just heard actually on the streets that USA beat Russia in hockey. That's right boys. Rock it out!
That's my week. Next week I'll let you in on the scoop of the new adventures of Magda and Dellenbach!

Sok szeretettel......├ęs fingokkal,
Magda Elder

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