Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I would never change this experience for anything in the world!

Monday, March 3, 2014
Hey Everybody!

So my time is short, so this will have to be brief unfortunately. 

This week went pretty well. We did plan a lot of programs for the week, but, as surprising as it may sound, a lot of people dogged. Super dumb! I've gotten used to it more, but it is still annoying as heck when someone dogs! One, for example, set up for us one day and didn't show up and I called him back asking if he was coming or not. He replied 'Oh! I totally forgot! I will be there tomorrow.' 'Alright, sounds good.' Next day.....didn't show up. Both of us were like 'Are you serious?!?! Come on!!!' Although we had some dogs, our week was still really good. We had a really good program with one of our bap dates this last week. She has been trying to figure out how to solve a certain trial that she is facing and we have been helping her with it. We talked about the law of the fast this week and we encouraged her to fast this past Sunday, which say accepted to try. The day before, we met with her again and she had some questions concerning prayer. She asked 'I feel like I'm not getting any answers. When I've been asking for something I don't feel anything or hear anything in my thoughts. Am I doing something wrong?' Instantly my mind went to D&C 9 where it talks about the way to discern what kind of answer we are receiving from the Holy Ghost. When we read it to her, she stopped and paused after the part where it says 'You assumed that I would just give you the answer. You must first ponder it in your minds THEN ask me if it is right or not.' She continued to read the verses and afterwards we talked about it a little bit. It was also led perfectly into our lesson about the Trial of our Faith. I had actually wanted to find answers to that question for a while and in my personal study that day I found so many things!! So many answers!! And they just fit for an amazing program! 

This is the thing I want to share most of all to you guys. This week I have recognized my great love for the scriptures. I have learned and have grown so much from reading them! I look forward to starting my day off reading from them and feeling the Spirit every morning and expanding my knowledge of the words of the prophets. Recently my studies have been reading through the Book of Mormon and looking for things that relate to the Atonement and also the Book of Isaiah. I remember reading Isaiah back in Seminary and thinking 'This language is crazy!!! This isn't even English!' But these last few weeks I can hardly put the book down! It contains so much of the personality of God and his great love towards his people and the House of Israel or, in other words, us! Along with all this, I think one of the greatest things I have been learning about is the mercy of God and the power and gift of repentance. It truly is a wonderful gift! I could read of scripture after scripture with you guys and show you the evidence and merciful hand of the Lord, the power that it has to change us to become the incredible people that we can be, to cleanse us of our wrongs, the love of God that we feel when we turn to him and trust in him! I could go on and on, but I'll just have to wait till I come home with their being a lack of time for me to tell you guys all about this. But, that's not to far away either. But I have really come to have a greater understanding of how Alma felt to cry 'O if I were an angel and could cry repentance!' I could never change this experience for anything in the world. The power I have experience of the Holy Ghost working through me and, even greater than that, seeing the Holy Ghost work through my investigators and testifying to them of the truthfulness of these things is worth more than any kind of worldly riches in the world. I am so grateful to have been called here. I cannot thank Heavenly Father enough for Him to have picked this country, the cities I have served in and the companions I have been able to serve with and the investigators and members that I have been able to be around. Such a blessing, not even words can describe. 

Well, my dear family and friends, brothers and sisters of the royal army, I am off to start another week. It’s still weird to think that I only have one complete week in Hungary after this one. And, btw, Elder Dellenbach's birthday is this week! Shout out to the soon to be 19 year old! :D 

I love you all, and keep on prayin'!

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