Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Has Hit Hungary!

March 10, 2014
Dear Friends and Family,

GAHHHH!!! This is SOOOOO weird that this is my last full week in the country. I feel like this 9 year old kid that's running around the room that doesn't know how to react about something. I don't know. We'll just leave it at that.

Let's see, what to fill you in on from this week.....Spring has hit Hungary and it is SOOOOO nice! Winter was super short here (can't really complain) and we decided to start up a sport day on Saturday since the weather has been so nice recently, and it was an absolute blast! Basically everyone who went was investigators, and some of our investigators brought their friends and we played some soccer, Frisbee and some inter mixes of other sports. It was soo nice being out in the sun and playing sports again: though my body disagreed with it quite a bit. I am definitely out of shape. That’s something that is definitely going to have to change when I come home. :P 

We also went on splits this week with the Zone leaders. I went with one of my Kicsi  (little ones) from the MTC, Elder Hatfield, and we had quite an adventure. We went tracting for quite a while since all of our programs rescheduled for another day and we had some fun stories from it. One woman came out and after listening to us for a second she started to give us a piece of her mind. After her little rant we asked her if she may know someone that may be interested in hearing our message. She replied with 'Good heavens, I hope not!' After we departed both of us started to chuckle. You can't help it! It's just so funny to see someone start telling you the things that you should be doing instead and how wrong you are. I don't know, maybe I've just gotten used to it and my sensitivity layer has been strengthened over the course of two years to that kind of stuff. Laughter has been the best way, and more enjoyable way, of getting around that stuff. Sure, not the best thing to be doing in certain circumstances, but it is definitely fun to do after something like that. Elder Hatfield also had an interview with one of the people who is getting baptized next Monday. She is definitely ready and is looking forward to being baptized. We are right beside her with that. We also have another person being baptized on that same day and she will be having an interview this week with the Zone Leaders again. It'll be super kewl! We are definitely looking forward to it all. 

This week is going to be a pretty busy week again. This last week went really well and we had quite a bit of programs. This week we are looking at the same, along with a baptism next Monday on the 17th, the Monday before I go home. 

So you wanted to know a little bit more about Elder Dellenbaaaaccchhh. Info time: He is from Holiday, Utah. He is now 19 and is actually the youngest of 3 boys. He actually had a brother come home from his mission from Alaska while he was in the mission. Luckily they got permission to see each other in the MTC when his brother arrived. He always tells me how much he loves skiing along with hunting. When he gets back we are planning on going on a hunting expedition. He's freaking hilarious! I love the kid to death. We have both been in this city for so long and we laugh at all the things that have happened while we have been here. 
Last thing I have to answer. You asked about how things work with the branch. The branch president is actually the elder senior couple, but since he doesn't speak Hungarian we translate for him (more like me, since I'm the oldest) and get a lot of things assigned for the upcoming week. There is a first counselor member in the presidency, but basically I fill the second and the clerk, since I also deal with the finances and computer stuff. We, the missionaries, also teach some of the classes in for Sunday school and priesthood, depending on the week. It's not like Békéscsaba where we did absolutely everything, but the missionaries here still have quite a bit of responsibility in the branch. This week I actually gave a talk on Women because this weekend was 'Women's day' in Hungary and next week I am going to be doing a musical number with one of the members. It'll be nice. 

I'm so sorry for not taking any pictures this week. We did take one group one for Elder Dellenbach's birthday. We went out to eat for his birthday and the senior couple made some cake and ice cream for him and we took a picture of us all. That day was also super nice cause it was filled with programs. 
Elder Dellenbach's Birthday

Alrighty ya'll. I have one more p-day next week and it will be on Tuesday. I will see you next week on my last entry of Gettin' Hungary with Elder Magda'!


As Always,
Magda Elder

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