Wednesday, April 25, 2012

From the MTC with love

Szervusz from the dry state of Utah! (Yes, it is very dry here)
So much is happening over here! I don't know where to begin! For starters, I have been called to be a Zone Leader this last Sunday, along with my companion. It's really awesome because it's the the highest leadership position a missionary can have here in the MTC. So how the system works here is that there are like 52 branches (I think) here at the MTC and each Branch has 6-7 Districts in it and each District can hold up to 10 companionship (again, I think). Anyways, in each companionship there is a senior and junior companion. Then there are District Leaders in each District who take care of their district and have senior companion interviews. Then, there are the Zone leaders who are the missionary leaders who are in charge of the Branch.  So we interview the District Leaders of the Branch and report the information to our Branch Leaders who are basically the Bishop and his assistants. We also organize the Sunday Program, introduce new missionaries to the MTC and have branch meetings. It's way awesome!! I've been here for only 3 weeks and they have called my companion and I to be Zone Leaders!!! It's so kewl! So we'll probably be in our positions till a week before we leave. Can you believe it's already week 3? It seems like I was emailing you just yesterday. By next week I'll already be out of the 700's and in to the 600's for days till I come home. It's weird how fast time is flying. I'm only hoping that I'll be ready in time when I leave for Hungary. Crazy I say. I'm really excited for next week when Matthew arrives at the MTC. It'll be so awesome!! He'll love it here. Did Adam get his Visa in time to go to the Brazil MTC? Or is he going to be arriving here in Provo? Let me know!
I did get your package with the shirts and notebooks. Thank you soooo much! We have gym 5 days a week and it gets sweaty and stinky after wearing the same shirts several times before p-day when I can wash them. With the soda thing, I'm not sure. Ha ha, I just saw a bunch of Elder's have sodas in their residences' and I was like "I'll ask my family to see if they can send some." It doesn't matter, really. I was just seeing if it was a possibility. :P Tell Sister Marshall that I got her package also and am already digging into the popcorn and goodies she has sent me. Elder Beaucannon says thank you also. I am so glad dad has been getting overtime! An obvious blessing from being on my mission. I am so proud of Alisha for getting an A on her Geometry test. Hard work really does pay off. :) I hope Ashleigh gets her license. Tell her I wish her good luck! I am so sorry to hear that Addy Lyyn Sr. passed away. I have been including Auntie Neesy and Uncle Dave in my prayers ever since I got your package with the news. I hope they are doing alright. You're having a General Authority come to our Stake?!?! No way!! Do you know who it is?? The MTC had the privilege to have Russell M. Nelson speak to us for our devotinal yesterday. Such a powerful speaker. He spoke about the Doctrine and compared it to a diamond and that each facet of the diamond are what make it unique and gave us some of the facets of The Doctrine. It was wonderful. :)
Don't be afraid to send me letters or Dear Elders, and that goes to anyone who reads this. I love getting letters! They're treated like presents here. Jordan has been writing me and has told me that she has visited you guys a couple of times these past few weeks and I'm like "Why hasn't my family been telling me these things?!?!" Ha ha, so if you ever have free time and want to write a letter, hop on to Dear and write a letter to your Hungarian missionary at the MTC. I only have 9 more weeks here and DearElders won't be work for me when I'm in the field. I love you all and am so grateful for your prayers, love and support. I wish I had more than 30 minutes, otherwise I'd write more.
Magda Elder

Post from Mom:  Go to and set up a FREE account to send FREE letters FREE of postage!   It's Fun and Painless!  Use the MTC address listed in this blog and make sure you include his box #150.

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