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Holidays in Hungary

December 31, 2012
Hello there family and friends,

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and are getting ready to have a Happy New Year! Our Christmas wasn't as eventful as we wish it could have been. Everything was closed and everybody was busy so we just chilled with the other elders the entire day playing games and just getting ready to go Skype our families. We did find a pizza place that was open, which we found to be SUPER delicious. It was a Christmas miracle in our eyes. We also went up to where Granddad's house was and we took some pictures from on top of the hill because it's got such a nice view of the city. Then the time came to go Skype our families and Elder Becker and I went to one families house while the others went to another. The member family that let us use their computer is SOOO awesome. There are 5 of them in their family, just like us! Except they are all girls and the oldest is in England for work and she couldn't come back for Christmas. The middle child is way cool though. She is 18 and probably one of the branch's strongest members. She sort of reminds me of Ashleigh in a way, just because she is the middle child, kind of Ashleigh's age and she has similar interests as Ashleigh. She speaks really good English, maybe you guys could be Facebook buddies.  Ha ha, but they are all really cool and I told them how grateful I was to use their computer. They also fed us some really good food! They had this fish soup that was SUPER spicy, which I loved, and noodles and other things that were just super delicious. Then we headed back home and turned in for the day. But talking with all of you was the greatest gift a missionary could ask for. I'm sorry that you lost all of the feed of us chatting. That's a real bummer. But just think, it's only under 5 months till we get to Skype again! Stayin positive, right? Ha ha, well, at least trying. 

So, some things that happened this week, which wasn't too much because no one was at their homes this week. It's like everybody disappeared. We all thought that they would all just be at their homes with their families and we would be able to talk to them by tracting, but not many people were ate home either. It's like they disappear on the holidays and then magically reappear afterwards. But we were able to tract and we got a few let ins and one of them we were able to set up with this week! It was a woman and her daughter and they really enjoyed our message. Hopefully it turns into something. We are continually praying to find people. Funny thing, actually, each day we have prayed to find at least one person that the Lord wants us to find and I have realized with our work this past week that we have found that one person every day. We have continually had faith as we worked, looking for that one person that we are meant to find. I know that this is truly a miracle and that our prayers are being answered. 

We were able to visit some members this week and have lunch or dinner with them. One of them we visited has a son who had just gotten this remote control helicopter for Christmas and he wanted us to try it out with him. Elder Becker was getting the hang of it a little and then he had me try. Well, I tried and got it stuck in a tree.....Luckily we were able to get it out. Ha ha, but it was just so funny to see this helicopter go straight into a tree and get stuck. In my defense, the controls were really wonky and wouldn't respond very well. But they just say that I was a bad pilot. My Battlefield skills didn't come in handy at that time, ha ha!

Alrighty then, we are about to head out so I will let you go. Have an amazing week and never forget that the Lord answers prayers according to our faith. I hope that you can see the miracles that the Lord has in store for all of you. 

Sok Szeretettel,
(Lots of Love,)
Magda Elder

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