Monday, January 14, 2013

Transfers Again!

January 14, 2013
Dear Family and Friends,

Once again, transfer calls have been received and the new transfer begins.  I am already BEYOND stoked for this transfer. This past transfer has been a little rough with the work and everything, but I am excited for what we have in store. So, with the flood of new missionaries there have been a lot of changes around the mission, including Pécs getting a companionship of Sisters! Way kewl!! Some more information about our city, Elder S., who has been in Pécs for his entire mission so far, is staying for another!! 5 Transfers!!! Can you believe it?! Lucky kid. And for his companion he is getting Elder A. who is from his group AND who also served with Elder B. (my current companion) in the MTC. They are going to get along really well co-senioring. And for me and my companionship, well, we will be serving the Lord, of course :) . Elder B. (my current companion) has been transferred to the city of Pápa and will be serving with Elder R. who will be going home at the end of this new transfer. He's looking forward to it, but the only thing is that it is a much smaller city and they are the only companionship in that city, so it will be a little more difficult. I, on the other hand, will be staying in Pécs (YYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!) and will be getting Elder D'Angina, who is going in to his 4th transfer and is coming from Szombathely. He's my grand kicsi! Or, in other words, the group after Elder B's group. I am so excited for this transfer! I have met D'Angina a few times and I think he will be a great companion. He is also 6' 7 I think and plays volleyball for BYU. How cool is that?! As you can see I am pretty excited, especially that I am staying here in Pécs. I LOVE this city! It's so beautiful and I just love the people here too. There's too much to say about this city and how awesome it is. But, in general, I am excited for next transfer.

 Can you guys believe that I am going in my 6th transfer? It's crazy! By the end of my 7th transfer I will just about hit my year mark as a missionary, and in my 10th transfer I will hit my year mark in the country, June 19; which, by the way, will be the day that Heather (my Auntie who is one month older than me) will be hitting the country. The transfer when she comes in, Wednesday, June 19, will be my year mark in the country. Pretty insane if you ask me. And, just in case you all weren't sure or asking, I'm still excited for her to get here! I talked with President about it again and he is just excited for us to both be serving in the same country. 

There wasn't too much that happened this week. There was a baptism from the other companionship on Saturday and it was way awesome. Their investigator that they baptized was so prepared and the missionaries taught her well. Elder S was able to perform the baptism and Elder W gave the conformation. It's so cool to see that happiness of a new convert. They are filled with faith and hope and the Spirit just beams from their countenance. I'm sure you all felt it at the baptism you attended this past week. I am so glad that dad was able to stand within the circle for it also. I hope that he felt that same Spirit that we felt here. 

Anyways, that was really all that happened this week. I am excited, SUPER EXCITED I must say that the 49ers beat the Packers. AAAWWWW YYEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!! Sounds like it must have been an intense game. I hope they win their next game against the Falcons. If they do, they'll finally be in the Super Bowl!! Go Kaepernick!!! 

Thank you so much for the notes for the week from my MTC book. Funny thing is that they are actually what I needed for this week. Thank you for them.

I love you all and wish you all a wonderful week. 

Sok Szeretettel, (Lots of Love)
Magda Elder

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