Monday, September 16, 2013

An Interesting Week

September 16, 2013
Hey all!

This week's email is going to be short. I apologize, but there is a good reason for it. Recently, meaning Friday, my companion started to have pains in his right side. Immediately my mind went to a kidney stone for some reason, but I pushed it away because I thought that was kind of extreme. Plus, his pain started to go away after a while, so we didn't worry to much about it and continued to work. Saturday the pain wasn't there until later in the day, but he said that it wasn't as bad as Friday. So, we didn't worry about it. Yesterday we had a district conference of all the branches in the East together in Miskolc from 9 till 1230. Since it was a long drive, we had to get up early in the morning and basically slept the whole way there. When we arrived, my companion started to have those pains again. Then, during the meeting, he pulled me out and said that the pain was overwhelming and that he needed to have something done. Fortunately, Sister Smith, President Smith's wife and himself actually, were there at the conference and she was able to call the doctor there in Miskolc and schedule an appointment. When we got there, they took some X-rays and stuff and found that there was a kidney stone passing. All along there was a kidney stone. Can you believe it?? It was such a big blessing though that we were in Miskolc when it started to flare up, because it was there, within our region, where there were the best facilities that he could be in AND that Sister Smith was there to get things ready AND the doctor spoke English so it made it easier.

So, yesterday we spent most of the day at the hospital where they had him rest and stuff and today we took him to Budapest where they will either be breaking the stone with a machine of some sort or having surgery and taking the whole thing out because it's quite a big one, 7 mm in length and 4 mm in width. So, that was my whole day today being with him at the hospital and getting his meds and some other stuff and then driving with the Zone leaders to Budapest to drop him off and driving back. I'm super glad though, because we know what the problem is and he is doing really well. The kidney stone picked the right guy, being that Elder Shoop is a super positive guy and that he is someone that can take anything. I'm looking forward to hearing the news that he is all good and ready to come back to Eger and continue working, which he too is looking forward to. Sorry if this email seems a little scattered or doesn't have a lot of info about things in detail. But, in short, my companion has a kidney stone, bad part, and is taking it well, good part. :)

Oh, and about me I guess, I am actually with the other companionship in Eger for the time being. They said that Elder Shoop should be able to come back in a week at most, so I will be with them until his return. It'll definitely be fun. Back in a threesome! Way fun! And, just on a little update for the rest of the week, we have been having some awesome success in the work. We have been finding people left in right through our finding efforts and people have been willing to give their numbers and allow us to come back, even let us in! It has been an incredible week and I have been so blessed to have been able to experience it with Elder Shoop. He and I have just been out doing the work and just loving it. It's been awesome! 

Before I end this, I would just like to tell Ashleigh how excited I am to hear about her first few days at BYU I! Holy dang that just seems so awesome that you are already there now. I'm so stoked for you! Of course getting adjusted to the whole college life will take a little bit (which I wouldn't really know since I haven’t been there yet, but I'm just assuming) but I know you will just love it and just take off with it all. Keep me updated on all of your adventures there. You can email me personally and I am happy to talk to you about things if you need it. I love you to bits (including the rest of the fam)! 

Already, that's what I have. Keep my companion in your prayers for a speedy recovery and I will see you (email you) next week on the happy adventures of Mágda Elder (accented for fun)! 

Love you all!
Elder Blake Magda

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