Monday, September 9, 2013

Transfers, Tiny Pillows, and my Mission Dad is translating for General Conference!

September 9, 2013
Sok szeretettel, köszöntelek benneteket ezen a mai gyűléseken a blogomon,
(I welcome you today with lots of love as we meet on my blog)

Wow, it's so weird to finally be out of the office! It's hard to explain, but mainly the big change is the schedule and amount of proselyting work significantly changed. I mean, of course I have been a part of this same schedule for most of my mission, but after having a 3 month change while being a secretary, it's been interesting trying to get back into the swing of things as a normal missionary again. I definitely loved my time in the office, especially serving with Elder Loveday and Corbishley for those two transfers, but I definitely feel relieved now being here in Eger from the different responsibilities of being a secretary. 

Some stuff about the city and where I am. This place is SOO pretty. Probably one of the prettiest cities I've been in my entire mission. Also most Hungarians say that it is the prettiest city in Hungary, and so far I agree with them. Our apartment, though, definitely doesn't represent the beauty of the city. Ha ha, probably the ugliest apartment I have been in thus far. Basically it looks like it was built in the early 1900's, late 1800's, and still has some of the technology from that era. The ceilings are super high up and you can throw a ball or Frisbee between the rooms they are so big. It's not a bad apartment I, just really really old.

But I will say, the beds are the worst. Mostly because of the pillows, which, there aren't any. I don't know how the elders in the past do it, but there are 2 choices for pillows. One is having to sleep on a pillow that is the size of a small table, which I tried sleeping on and I could not seem to get my head on the pillow at all, so I woke up with my head underneath it. The other option, which is the one that I am sadly using, is having to sleep on two small pillows that are barely bigger than your hand. I've found that this is the better choice of the two, but it is far from being comfortable. While we were shopping today, I was looking for a new pillow that I could use because it has been dang hard for me to sleep these past few nights, and the only things that I could find in the main store were pillows that were waaaayyyy to big. I also didn't realize how expensive they can be. Holy cow! So I just ended up throwing my hands up in the air and just dealing with the pillows I have until I find a store that has a descent sized pillow. But other than that, apartment's nice. :) 

Elder Shoop is my new companion. My goodness is this guy a ball of fire. He is just a missionary ready for absolutely anything that is thrown at him. A little about him; he's from the Washington, Seattle area (if I can remember correctly). Like I said before, this is his second transfer here and is quite young in the mission. But, despite his mission age, I have been impressed by his language skills. We have had several programs where I've had him talk and he isn't afraid to throw out what is on his mind even if it may be difficult to explain. And, at the same time, he does it really well! I remember when I was in my 2nd transfer and I was just a shy missionary, afraid to say anything because I didn't want to mess up. But Elder Shoop, I think, has quite the confidence to combat those fears. Probably something that has really stood out to me about him this week. He is also super dedicated and determined with the goals that we make weekly and daily. He makes sure that we do everything we can to achieve them. And, one last thing, Elder Shoop is always ready to find. Luckily they have quite a bit of work already here and we have some people that we are meeting, but when there is time to find, he is on it like a fly on poop (yes, I said poop). 

This week has been one of those weeks where we have been out finding mostly actually. Elder Shoop and his previous companion had programs set up for the week, which were quite a few, and we had planned them for what we were going to teach each day. But, out of the 8 or so programs that we had set up for the week, only 3 went through. For me it wasn't much of a surprise, since I have dealt with dogging and cancels for most of my whole mission. But for Elder Shoop, it was kind of new. He got so bummed when he saw that our investigators couldn't meet this week. I felt super bad for him. Of course I understand why, but it was different since I haven’t met any of these investigators and he has already made a connection with them while he has been here. But nevertheless, that didn't down his spirits from getting out and finding. Ha ha, there have been times where I have felt that he has been the one getting me out the door to go find.

Every night when we come home, we finish planning and I lay on the bed and could almost fall asleep immediately, if it wasn't for the pillows I would say. I haven’t felt this tired in quite some time actually. It's been kind of hard re-adjusting to the normal schedule of a missionary. But it's been nice having that feeling again of pure exhaustion, ha ha. Probably will wear off after a few weeks, but, it's nice while it lasts. Elder Shoop has definitely been getting us a working. We were able to find a guy yesterday while tracting that seemed really interested how the Gospel answers many of our questions. We were able to explain how the Book of Mormon is one of our greatest sources of finding these answers and he told us that he would like to hear more about this book and be able to read it (we didn't have a copy on us, so we planned on coming back to give him one). It was a great program, especially when afterwards your companion his so happy that he can do double backflip with how excited he was. Ha ha, quite entertaining, but refreshing at the same time. 

So, I don't know if I told you guys before, but this transfer is the start of 9 week transfers. Nine weeks!!! Crazy long! Especially when this transfer is actually 10 weeks with the Mission President having one of the General Authority's being here for a Zone Conference, so he didn't want that to fall on transfer week, so he made it 10 weeks instead of 9. But the rest after this will be 9. It's going to be interesting, that's for sure. But one thing I will know, that at the end of each of these transfers, it's going to feel like home is just around the corner. Time is just taking off and not slowing down. 

Now in response to some of your notes and questions. I actually got an email from Elder Abram that he was going to be helping with Hungarian translation at General Conference. He sounds so stoked! And I'm stoked for him. That kid. He and I have been keeping in contact since he left and he sounds like he is having a blast with school starting up. I'm looking forward to seeing him, hopefully, when I get home. He is such an awesome guy. Love'im to death! Niners beat the Packers!! What a start for the season! I hope that it was intense! It looks like it must have been a good game with the scores. Maybe they'll get to the Super Bowl again. Elder Shoop, who is a huge Seahawks fan, disagrees with me of course and says that the Seahawks are going to be the best in our division. We'll just see about that...Sounds like there is a lot of stuff going on in the family. Dad is studying and Ash is getting ready to go for school. My word, it still is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that she's going to college! WHHHAAAAATTT!!!! She's going to have so much fun! I can't wait to hear about it all. And, just for her, I am writing a letter, so don't be mad! Hopefully I'll have it done by this week. Jerum's home?!?! That's crazy!!! I remember when he left! Man, what in the world is this?? It would be way kewl if he were still around when I came back. That would be way awesome! And for Alisha, treasure up this time that you have having lessons with Sister Visher. You have the best out of all 3 of us! How lucky is that!! I would have given anything to have been in the position that you are. You are going to love learning from her and she is going to make singing fun. I look forward to coming home and having us sing :) 

Well, that's my week. I'll have plenty more for the next week. Stay tuned! Love you!!

Magda Elder

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