Sunday, August 11, 2013

My current shoes make me feel like I've done WORK!

August 10, 2013

(Blake’s Mom and sister stayed up super late Fri night/Sat morning and got to email chat with him.  The following is a synopsis of his side of the conversation.  We hope you enjoy.)
Hello family and friends!

I'm doing pretty well, just chilling in the branch house emailing. I honestly don't know what to email this week. There wasn't so much that happened this week unfortunately. We had only 2 programs this week and were stuck in the office mostly every day. We went out finding too, but didn't have very much time doing it. I had choir practice I practice my solo. OH, I am also doing a duet and I'm singing the Prayer with one of the members. Kewl, huh?

My companion and I continue to quote movies all the time. Ha ha, he makes me laugh SOOO much! I love it! We quote Star Wars and Lord of the Rings like 24/7. Along with that, the AP's quote movies and we just have a blast hanging out when we are stuck in the office. Today we are actually going to go shopping with them and we found a place here that sells A&W root beer and Mountain Dew Code Red!!!! That's a miracle place!!! So we are going to hit that up, and then go get some lunch at this soup place that is WAY amazing, and then go out and play sports all day. All of us are soccer players and we have been dying to play. We are going to have a blast!

 Last week for P-day we played some board games and cards. It was way fun and we laughed a lot, but I can't remember all the jokes that were said that made it so funny :P  The week before Elder Corbishley took me to this amazing Pakistani restaurant here in Buda. No joke, I have never tasted better curry in my entire life till that day. SOO GOOOD! If we ever come to Hungary as a family together in the future, I'm taking us all there, since I know that most of us like curry.  

My shoes are starting to fall apart actually, ha ha. But only one of the two pairs I came with. I'm going through one of them until it's basically dead and then going to the other. My feet are broken into the other ones already because I've worn them a few times just so that my feet are used to them. But it's so funny to see my current shoes because it makes me feel like I've done work. They look worn and torn, the bottoms have cracks in them and I'm going to say they have a good month or so till they break. That'll be a fun day. I'll take a picture and send it to you later on today :)

Oh! One other cool thing I have to tell is that I drove two senior couples on Monday! I finally got to drive! And I am glad to say that I am an American driver, because Hungarian drivers are crazy!! (I love Hungarians, though…really I do)  Plus the roads are ridiculous! Each lane can take you to a different place. For example, I was in one of the middle lanes, thinking that I could take it straight to somewhere, but it lead me to the left taking me in a complete different direction than I wanted to go. We were lost for like a good 15 minutes. Ridiculous!  It was still fun at the same time. Ha ha, the senior couples in the back made a few gasps while I drove. I get to do it again on Monday and Friday taking the new missionaries to get their residency cards. I'll get a picture of me driving to show you how fun it is. :) 

Isn't it so awesome to actually drive on your own?! It's like being a bird having the wings to fly anywhere you want. They only difference is that the birds around you can be total jerks. Ha ha

Oh, and please keep Maximus! (Little German Shepherd puppy still living at our house) That dog looks absolutely adorable!!! He has the cutest smile!

Elder Magda

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