Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm Loving It!

February 10, 2014
Hogy szolgál a kedves egészséged?  (Google translate doesn’t give us much.  Something about how nice is your health…)

Alrighty everyone, we have one small problem. We just found a new email place here in Eger (FINALLY!) and we are excited to find that it is way faster than the branch computer AND we all get to use the computers at the same time! But, the only downfall is that we only have an hour to really use the internet. We don't know yet if we are allowed to sign up for another hour after our first hour is up, but if not, then I must apologize in advance for the shortness of this email. 

This past week was SOOOOO busy! Since we had Elder D with us this week, we had both our investigators and his investigators that we had to meet this week. It was exhausting! I now know how it feels to be exhausted from finding all day and from having programs all day. Holy dang! Definitely not complaining, I'd rather have this than a week full of finding, but it definitely took it out of us. Plus it makes the days go by way faster. It's been really weird this past week for us because each night when we would hold our nightly planning we would look at each other and say 'Weren't we just finishing our day yesterday not too long ago?' We couldn't believe how fast the days have flown by. 
On the tracks in Eger 

We have been meeting with so many investigators and they are all progressing so well! For one, one of the couples that we have been meeting with (the one we went over to Skype) came to church for the first time yesterday! They missed the first hour of church and we didn't think they'd be coming after we saw that they didn't arrive for the first hour. But as we were getting ready to head up to Sunday school, my companion looked out the window and saw them with their little baby! We were so stoked! They could only stay for the 2nd hour of church, but they said they enjoyed it and set up to meet with them again for this week. They are so kewl! We also taught the Word of Wisdom to our investigator who is on baptism date for the first of March and she is coming a long super well! We absolutely love meeting with her and she always lets us know that she enjoys learning from us. 
In front of a weird building that looks to have been occupied by a few bums here and there. 

One of the things that all 3 of us have really realized this week is that we have had a great flow with our teaching. Teaching in a threesome is pretty difficult most of the time, trying to give each person time to speak and fitting everyone in so that the investigator still understands what they are being taught. But for us 3 it felt really natural and everything had a connection. After each day we would talk about our programs and how we felt in them and whether or not we could feel the Spirit and we have been really focused on making our teaching effective as possible and the incredible thing is we have seen it throughout the week how effective we have been able to teach! We are sad that it is coming to an end this week, which is also good news because that means Elder D gets his companion back and that he is well after his operation, but it is somewhat of a bummer because we really liked how we have been teaching together. 

I honestly don't know what else to talk about for this week. It's just been really busy and super fulfilling spiritually. It's just been great to see our investigators coming closer to their Savior and seeing the change that they are making in their lives. I think that's another thing that I have been learning on my mission, seeing the changes that people have to make out of faith and having that hope that they will be empowered and blessed for the sacrifices that they have to give and, as they do, developing a greater love and charity towards their Savior and their fellow brethren and sisters. These people have been such a great example to me and how, even though been a member my whole life, I need to continually look keep my faith strong and having a 'perfect brightness of hope' and growing and nurturing my charity towards everyone. Gosh there are just so many things that I am learning out here!  I'm loving it so much! I can't tell you how great it is to be out here in the field.

Alright ya'll, I've gotta go, but I'll throw in some pictures to keep this entertaining you. I love you all! See you on the other side sooner than you think! 

A szolgád és kis Magduskád, (The humble servant, Magduska)

Magda Elder

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