Monday, October 7, 2013

Confinement, Cleaning, and Crispy Kritters

Pertyful Eger

October 7, 2013
To one and for all!

My week actually took an interesting spin this week. Last week, as I told you before, we had to go to Budapest for Elder Shoop to go to the doctor’s office to solve the problem that he has been dealing with for the past 2 weeks. Well, we found out what it was, it's called clostridium difficile, or, in short, some sort of stomach disease that is supposedly contagious. We didn't find that out till the next day when we were back home and out working the whole day. Then, that night, we got the call from President informing us of the situation of what he had and he told us that we were to stay in our apartment and to go nowhere from Tuesday night till Saturday night and that he would be sending him some pills that the doctor gave him with the Zone Leaders and to have him take them for the next 10 days. A total of 4 days!! Just imagine staying in the house for 4 days as a missionary. You're main job is to go outside and be outside ALL DAY, which was taken away from us for 4 days. Ha ha, quite an interesting change for the life of a missionary. I've experienced the difference in schedule as a secretary and now a week where I'm in the apartment all day. Funny. So basically this week wasn't entirely filled with lots of experiences, but I will try to think of some stuff that we did in the apartment together.
Eger Elders: Magda, Shoop, Sterri, Vanderpool

First off, we found plenty of time to clean and rearrange the apartment. This apartment, I think, is one of the oldest apartments I have ever been in, and just walking in it gives me this old feeling as though I was walking into a 1930's apartment. It’s as if I am in the wrong era. But, with the time that we did have, we were able to rearrange some of the furniture and make it look a lot nicer than it did before. We also re did the kitchen a little bit and made things more orderly and now it doesn't look half bad. I think that was the main project we had for the apartment. We do have another problem though, which is: cockroaches. That's right; we have a nice bug infestation. Luckily they only come out at night, but that's also the worst part, because if you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you have to wear shoes in case you may step on a cockroach, and you don't want that between your toes. It's especially sketchy in the bathroom, because the floor has lots of black specks within the artwork. That means you gotta check if it's a cockroach or a tile piece just in case. Ha ha, it's been quite an adventure. The good thing is that we had a bug guy visit us this week (someone from the outer world!) and he checked the problem and sprayed around the place with bug stuff. The funny thing though was the next day, we woke finding 15 dead cockroaches on the floor, and not all of them were just tiny ones. There were a few that were a little bigger than the size of my thumb. We're surviving though, no need to panic. :)

We also went through both of our area books with former and potential investigators. Go tell a missionary that and let me know what their reaction was. Because in all of my previous areas, we would go through the area book and just do maybe half of it with some of the time we had. But here, we went through both of our huge area books and called all of the people in it and also found people that we are going to hit up and visit these next few weeks. We were able to set up a few programs from it, but the fact of the matter is, we went all the way back to records that were made in 2003! I don't know how it is in other missions, but for here, that's crazy! 

We were able to go to conference, which was a weird thing at first because we hadn't been outside our apartment before that, so it was like we were stepping out into a whole new world! Ha ha, but conference was great. We did listen to it in Hungarian, but the kewl thing was that this time I could understand mostly everything that the speakers talked about! Do you know how incredible that is?!?! I LOVE THIS LANGUAGE!!!! I can't even express mennyire szeretek magyarul beszĂ©lni. (how much I like to speak it in English.) :D And also I heard Elder Runnells translate I think for the first session of conference. It was way kewl to hear! I hope it wasn't Abram that was translating in the first session, because if it was, then I feel bad that I couldn't recognize his voice anymore. But I'm pretty sure I wasn't. And just a little shout out for him, you stud! 
Elder Magda with Eger sunset in background

Anyways, things are good here and this week we are liberated from our confinement and can go out and my companion is feeling better! I have pictures to send, so I hope that makes up for it. :) ANNNNNdddddddd, last but not least. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! And that's the last time I'm going to say it as a missionary! Crazy, right?!?! I just hit my 3/4 mark on Thursdays. Only 6 more months! 
Elder Sterri and Elder Magda on the railroad tracks
Some quick replies: I did solve my pillow problem, I got one from the other elder’s apartment that I was using while I was with them for 5 days and they allowed me to keep it. So much better! My bank card issue is solved. I was able to use it, so that means it's good now, I think. And for Christmas, I would just love some American candy. That would be the greatest present of all time! With Zours, if that would be possible. :) And congrats to TNT for getting first at Improv! That's way sick! And also for Matthew going AP! I was pretty sure he would be one in his mission. I just emailed him and congratulated him :) 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my pictures! 

Magda Elder

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